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You Only Get To Watch One Show For The Rest Of Your Life, Tell Us What That Show Would Be And Why

It'd be easier to list the shows I can live without!

We all have a show or two that are our equivalent to an emotional security blanket. Those shows that we have no issue binging over and over again because it's just *chef's kiss*!

But imagine — if every single streaming service just broke down tonight and you only had the entire box DVD set of one show to watch for the rest of time, what show would that be?

Would you be reliving How I Met Your Mother for the rest of time?

Or, perhaps, you'll drive yourself mad with Game of Thrones...

Will you be forever swooning with Bridgerton?

Or on a neverending adventure with Doctor Who?

Whatever the one show you just can't imagine never getting to rewatch again is, we want to know! So tell us all about your ultimate favourite show in the comments, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!