Ryan Reynolds Has Opened Up About His Surprise "Masked Singer" Performance, Stating He Was "In Actual Hell"

    Ryan Reynolds opened up about his time on King of Masked Singer on The Today Show.

    In case you ~didn't~ know, despite being called Korea's Masked Singer — The Korean version of the mystery singing contest is actually the original!

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    MBC / Via youtube.com

    The Korean title translates from King Of Masked Singer and has been airing since 2015. You can find it streaming on KOCOWA!

    And in case you didn't know something else, Ryan Reynolds (read: Canada's Sweetheart) visited the Masked Singer stage back in 2018 while promoting Deadpool 2 in South Korea.

    ryan reynolds at the premiere of deadpool

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    You may be asking yourself— why did Ryan Reynolds feel the need to promote Deadpool 2 on a singing show? And to that, I say... well it's Ryan Reynolds.

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    MBC / Via youtube.com

    He told The Today Show, "I’ve been doing this job a long time, and when you go on these international tours you start to say, ‘What’s the weirdest show we can go on?'”

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    MBC / Via youtu.be

    “This was before The Masked Singer was in the US. So they said, they have this show called [King ofMask Singer, which is huge in South Korea. I said, ‘Lord, we’re doing this show. We have to do that show.'”

    Unfortunately, though, Ryan has now revealed that he was "in actual hell" during his time on the show.

    ryan reynolds sitting down in a suit on the tonight show

    It's safe to assume that seeing Ryan Reynolds on another singing competition show isn't going to happen in the near future... but one can dream. At least, we can hope to run into him at a hockey game though!

    ryan reynolds holding his brim cap and smiling

    Have you ever been surprised by a star's Masked Singer performance? Let us know in the comments!