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    These 13 Art Installations From Around The World Are Some Of The Most Interesting Things I'll See This Week

    You just gotta love modern art and all of its weirdness!

    1. The "Hungry Boy" Statue in Oslo, Norway

    giant sculpture of angry baby

    2. The Hillside "Diva" in Pernambuco, Brazil

    3. The "Blue Mustang" in Denver, Colorado, USA

    huge sculpture of a blue horse on hind legs

    4. The "Fork of Vevey" in Vevey, Switzerland

    big fork sculpture in an ocean

    5. The "Headington Shark" in Oxford, England

    sculpture of a shark crashing into someone's home

    6. "The Kindlifresserbrunnen" in Bern, Switzerland

    sculpture of giant eating babies

    7. The "Montreal Ring" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    giant ring that sits across two buildings

    8. "Homunculus Loxodontus" in Leiden, The Netherlands

    creature waiting at the train station

    9. "Support" in Venice, Italy

    giant hands emerging from venice canals and holding onto a wall

    10. The "Marfa Prada Store" in Valentine, Texas, USA

    prada storefront in the middle of the desert

    11. The "Gävle Goat" in Gävle, Sweden

    giant goat sculpture made out of hay

    12. "Buff Korean Jesus" in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

    Hi. Do you have a moment to talk about buff Korean Jesus?

    Twitter: @jtannady

    Genuinely, if anybody knows why there's a Creatine Christ on a park path in South Korea, please let us know.

    How much joy does this spark for us?

    Tori: I go to the gym every day...and I will still never be ~him~.

    Isabella: Jesus CHRIST! Literally!

    13. "Cloud Gate" in Chicago, Illinois, USA

    huge bean like mirrored sculpture

    What's a wild modern-art installation that you like? Let us know in the comments!