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    From Awkward Hookups To Messing Up Professional Emails — These 14 Embarrassing Moment Stories Are Absolutely Sending Me

    Basically, there should be an undo button for every part of life.

    Awkward moments are so... awkward! We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their most awkward/ embarrassing moment of the year was and all I can say is that I hope we all come off as much cooler people next year! Here are 14 of the responses:

    1. "I have too many awkward moments from this year to count but one of them was when my brother was on FaceTime with his violin teacher for a lesson in his room. I had FORGOTTEN that he was having a lesson and thought it would be funny to kick his door open and just stand there in my PJs. As I kicked open his door, I instantly remembered he was having his violin lesson. His violin teacher stared at me on the phone until I closed my brother's door and ran away in total embarrassment."


    2. "Once, I was waiting to cross a road, when a car stopped to let me cross. Instead of saying 'thank you' to them like normal by putting up one hand, I put BOTH hands up in front of me like I was about to push the car. Oh god, I ran so fast after I realised what I'd done."


    3. "I said 'yeah, you too' to a homeless man I was walking past that had told me to have a nice evening. Very awkward."


    4. "When composing an email to an important client – which included two addressees – I meant to write, 'Hey both'. Somehow, I typed 'Hey bitch'. Sent it. Couldn't undo it. Had to follow up with an apology."


    5. "My landlady sent me the number for a plumber to fix my shower. The number looked familiar but I couldn’t place it so I shrugged it off. I decided to call from my work phone during my break — sitting opposite my manager and two colleagues. When I dialled my personal phone started ringing from an unknown number. I hung up the work phone to answer the personal one, but the call ended abruptly. ~I did not~ put two and two together until a few more times of this happening. It was on the third call attempt that I realised what had been happening and, for some reason, I decided to announce OUT LOUD, that I had been calling MYSELF.

    "I recognised the number BECAUSE IT WAS MINE. My landlady was a bit embarrassed that she sent me my own number, but I definitely came out looking far more stupid."


    6. "I forwarded an email to a faculty member where I work, but I had forgotten that my notes were in there too! They were to the tune of 'this is definitely not going to effing happen!' I thank the gods that my coworker found it hysterical though."


    7. "I was on the phone with my doctor's office to book an appointment. The call ended with ME saying, 'We’ll see you then.' The receptionist laughed, however, I did not."


    8. "I met a guy on Friday, we hooked up on Saturday and then he ended up rejecting me on Sunday. And he's my neighbour. Now every time I see his car, which is basically every day, my heart stops."


    9. "I asked my MD 'what fuel does the electric van use', not 10 minutes after we had a conversation about my van battery running low and my struggles with trying to find an electric charge point."


    10. "I was at my yearly physical, and as my doctor was leaving the exam room, they said, 'don't forget to schedule your pap smear before you leave', and I called back, 'you too!'... To my male doctor."


    11. "I was selling my crafts at my first in-person event, and it was my first time facing customers in years. I go into what I call 'NPC mode', where I have stock phrases and replies to the usual questions. A vendor friend of mine that was across from me was sick of a product not selling and thought to give them to me. So she yells over 'HEY DO YOU USE COASTERS??' That is not a question that I expected to get."

    "It took a comically long time for me to process the question and formulate a response. A few friends witnessed it. I did get an answer out, and we all thought it was hilarious, but for a couple of seconds, my brain was just on fire."


    12. "I haven't had a landline in years. I ended up walking around the house looking for my cell phone ~while~ I was talking to someone on it. Classic."


    13. "So, I was hooking up with a guy this summer. All was going well, so we decided to progress to the 'final hurdle', so to speak. We'd been using lube the whole time, and I grabbed what I ~thought~ was the bottle to apply more to his... y'know. I ended up spraying lens cleaner directly onto/into his special place!"

    "Honestly, the bottle was identical unless you looked at it properly, but as soon as I sprayed it I knew it was wrong. We both panicked, but then we couldn't stop laughing once we realised what had happened (and that he wasn't in pain). Totally killed the mood, but it was jokes."

    —BuzzFeed User

    14. "I was out at the sports club with my dad a few weeks ago and we ran into my Grandad down there. We talked to him for a bit, and as we were walking back to the car he randomly decided to say, ‘Oh, I’ve seen your videos on TikTok!’Well… I’ve cosplayed characters and done other things on TikTok that I ~definitely~ wouldn’t want my grandad to see. Plus, my dad heard him say it which made it more awkward. I went and deleted all my embarrassing videos after that."


    What's been your all-time awkward moment? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be featured in similar posts!