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    People Just Keep Sharing Their Unpopular Opinions, And I Can't Believe The One About Only Eating Condiments

    It's "get things off your chest time" – come on in!

    I'm feeling like a little bit of ~chaos~ if that's alright with you. A while ago, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share some trivial unpopular opinions they hold. And they shared. And then they shared again. And now they're sharing AGAIN!

    So here are 31 absolutely baffling unpopular opinions, but remember to take them all in jest:

    1. "My unpopular opinion: the hosts of The Great British Bakeoff have only gotten better with each pairing."


    2. "Just because you call a dog a Cockerpoo, Labradoodle, or what have you doesn't make it a proper breed of dog. No fancy name stops it from being a mutt."


    3. "I'd sooner lunge myself into Slytherin House than be a Hufflepuff!"


    4. "I don't like superhero movies. It's the same plot — explosions, explosions, explosions, and in the end, a hidden source of power, hidden in the earth for thousands of years."


    5. "I actually hate the smell of oranges. I don’t mind the taste of them or even drinking orange juice, but I absolutely cannot stand the smell of freshly peeled oranges."


    6. "My most unpopular opinion is that I think pizza just isn’t that good. It’s fine, but it’s really just bread and cheese. I appreciate all the variations but it’s nothing to die for."


    7. "Please control your children in public. You had the kids. You're the only one who should have to endure them!"


    8. "I don’t really care about seeing other people's pet pictures. I love my dog, but I always scroll on by when it comes to others’ pets. Sorry, but other people's pets just aren’t as interesting to me."


    9. "I kind of can't stand people who post stuff about going on holidays or visiting places. How can we get excited about seeing you on a fancy beach or at a hotel while still stuck at work or still at home? That's why I got rid of all that social media crap."


    10. "Friends is totally overrated and Ross (plus the Ross/Rachel relationship) was so toxic! It's an entertaining show, but it's not the best sitcom!"


    11. "I think if you’re above the age of 16 but especially but 18, you need to let go of Harry Potter. You’re cancelling the author (rightly so) but still fawning over your possible Hogwarts letter? Let it go."


    12. "This only applies to those who do it constantly, but if you are a runner, please stop telling non-runners about your runs at length. We don't care. At all. Not about your runs, your Strava posts, your energy gels, your short-chain carb quinoa diets, or how many miles your shoes have."


    13. "Bicyclists are the worst! Either adhere to the rules of the road or be a pedestrian. No in-betweens!!"


    14. "I feel bad for saying it, but I don’t like brownies."


    15. "I think that ketchup is genuinely so disgusting."


    16. "That artificial yellow plastic you call cheese in the USA is disgusting."


    17. "Okay so... I don't think The Office is funny. Sorry!"


    18. "I don't draw the line at Christmas, you can put up your tree in summer for all I care. Christmas is the best!"


    19. "Guacamole is gross in my opinion. Avocados in general are just slimy grass."


    20. "I can’t even smell pesto. I like basil and olive oil and nuts separately but you blend them together and put them on pasta and I’m out."


    21. "According to my family, my biggest 'opinion sin' is that I think most of the Bath and Body Works scents stink."


    22. "I think that The Godfather is boring and I've never gotten more than an hour through it without falling asleep."


    23. "Game of Thrones is incredibly boring and overrated."


    24. "Seinfeld was a terrible show, and Jerry Seinfeld is just not funny."


    25. "I just think that Hamilton is not that good."


    26. "I dislike gum intensely. A whole industry dedicated to a food product that has no real value or purpose. Everything gum does is done better by other products. A product people chew on like a cow chewing cud, talking and so forth while chomping away. Smacking lips and popping bubbles. I just hate it."


    27. "Okay, my unpopular opinion is that I love lamb's liver with fried onions. It's so delicious and it has almost a creamy texture."


    28. "I like to eat condiments on their own. Like, if anything, chicken nuggets are literally just delivery for the condiments."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Let us know more of your benign unpopular opinions that you wanna get out there in the comments, and be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be featured in similar posts!