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    Here Are 22 More WTF Dating Stories Because I Can't Believe These People Actually Exist

    "He was giving himself a foot massage throughout the entire movie."

    Not too long ago, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the times their dates gave them the ick — and they did! Unfortunately, everyone's had A LOT of WTF dates, so here are even more icky dating stories:

    1. "It wasn't until my third date with this guy that I discovered his tendency to rage at other drivers. We used the tube for our first two dates, so when he wanted to take me to a pub in Chipping Ongar, we went in his car. Cue an onslaught of swearing and raging at other drivers the ~entire~ way there! It was even worse on the way back. No thank you."


    2. "I met up for a first date, and as soon as we sat down, he orders three shots of Olive Garden. I didn't even know they served tequila there! Those weren't the only shots he got, so I ended that date pretty quickly."


    3. "My sister-in-law went out on a date with someone who took her to Starbucks. He ordered a free cup of hot water, some honey, and some milk for himself. He then mixed them and told her, 'Look, I know how to get a free drink at Starbucks.' She left."


    4. "I went on a first date with a law student who decided to give me an impromptu lecture about how they believed that circumcision is unethical, going so far as to equate it with the 'mutilation of little girls in Africa' as he put it. Then, despite my only response throughout the whole conversation being 'hmm,' he reasoned a counter argument that circumcision does help prevent smegma.

    "The fact that a family with small children were sitting at the table next to us wasn't the only dealbreaker, but it certainly didn't help."


    5. "On my first date with this one guy, we went out to see the Christmas light displays. He FaceTimed his mom and proceeded to introduce me to her — it was super awkward and weird."


    6. "I met a guy on Tinder, and he seemed nice enough when we initially started talking. Then he brought up how he 'wouldn’t wear protection' if we got physical because he believed in 'Scalar Light Quantum Healing,' but didn't believe in STIs. I never bothered to meet him after learning that."


    7. "One time, I went with this guy to a drive through light display that only cost $15. He offered to pay and told me that I could find money in his glove compartment. All that was there was a freezer bag full of quarters! He proceeded to hand the attendant 60 loose quarters and saw nothing wrong with it. WTF."


    8. "I once had a guy spend the weekend with me, but since he didn't drive himself over, he made me take him home at the end of the weekend. The entire time he was at my apartment, he was just drinking; he bought a 36-pack of beer, and I heard him cracking them open all night. A couple of weeks later, he asked to hang out again, and I said no because I didn't just want to be his designated driver, and I didn't want him to use my place as somewhere to crash and get drunk."


    9. "I worked in a library in high school and college, and there was a patron who came in often who I thought was cute. Eventually, he asked me out — I was 18 at the time, and he originally told me he was 26. When the date night arrived, he asked me if I could drive since his truck was at the shop. When we were at the restaurant, he ordered the prime rib — it was huge and so greasy, and he ate all of it. At one point, he asked me, 'Is it hot in here, or is it just you?'

    “During dinner, he admitted to me that he was actually 30, and started telling me all about his main hobby, which was being a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We went to the movies after that, and he kept trying to get closer and closer as I was pulling away. When I finally got to drive him home, he grabbed my hand and kissed my thumb. second date, and I had to avoid him at the library!"


    10. "This guy and I didn't even make it to our first date because he was busy being arrested for a DUI right as I was pulling into the parking lot to meet him. I did a background check on him later that night, and he actually had a super long criminal history. He thought I would still be interested in a date when he texted me the next day. Hell no!"


    11. "I was on a date with a guy who took off his shoes in a movie theater and gave himself a ~vigorous~ foot massage throughout the entire movie! I only stayed because I think I was in shock at first, but then, I just couldn't stop watching him go to town like it was a normal thing to do. I often wonder where he is now."


    12. "I went out with a guy to a café once. I ordered myself a drink since I got there first, and when he arrived, I offered him one as well, but he said no. That would've been fine, but he then sat there without anything the whole time, which was weird.

    "Also, not only was his profile photo years out of date, but he spent pretty much the whole date looking at his phone. I was doing all the work in the conversation, and when he did talk, it was mind-numbingly dull and directed at his phone."


    13. "I stopped talking to a guy because he said he didn't like books. Call me petty, but that's my dealbreaker."


    14. "I met this guy on a dating app. At first, I liked his appearance, his awkwardness, and how he kissed, but after two months of dating, he decided to tell me that he thought I was fat. I don't need an asshole to point out something like that, especially when it's not true! He also went as far as to say that, during sex, I was too fat for him. I swear, if only we could find reviews before we go on any date


    15. "He was wearing thick black leather from head to toe in Singapore where it's very hot and humid. It was so embarrassing to be next to him on the subway, and I listened to music the entire ride and told him I didn't talk on the subway because it's 'too noisy.'"


    16. "I guess it's very shallow of me, but I became uninterested in this guy I met on an app when he told me he was short; his height wasn't what gave me the ick though. What did it was that he wouldn't stop messaging me after I told him I wasn’t interested, and he really played the victim with me. He told me to 'forget about him just like everyone else.' We'd only been talking for maybe an hour!"


    17. "My first date with this one guy was meh just because all he talked about was how much he partied when he was in uni. I shrugged it off at the time. However, on our second date, we went to see a movie, and his chewing was louder than the film! Not only that, but he also kept picking his teeth with his entire finger in between bites. Two strikes was enough for me to call it all off!"


    18. "We were making out on the couch, and then he sat up, picked up my leg, and put my toes in his mouth. That was it. Done. No more. Sorry!"


    19. "For a first date, this guy challenged me to a game of tennis because I put in my bio that I was a decent tennis player. He really bigged himself up to be great at the sport, but then on the date, it was very clear that he'd never played before! He didn't even know how to hold the racket correctly, but I thought I'd let him off, and I went on a second date with him.

    "He then proceeded to tell me how I was the most amazing person he'd ever met, and that he couldn't wait to introduce me to his mum and sister because they were going to love me. At that point, I had only hung out with the guy for a total of three hours, so this was a BIG red flag for me. It was just way too intense, too quick!"


    20. "I went out with a guy from school who waited just two days after I broke up with my ex to ask me out. I told him that our 'date' would just be friends hanging out, but he insisted it was a date. He then proceeded to ask me how much I weigh and where I put weight on the most, and I told him to guess because the questions were pissing me off.

    "He guessed too high for the weight and then said 'muffin top' for where I put on weight. He then started to tell me about all the girls he'd had things with that shared my name, and shared with me that he's usually an ass guy, but his mind might be changing. I’ve never ran away so fast in my life."


    21. "I watched my date yell at a customer service representative on the phone about his internet being slow for over 15 minutes. It was so disgusting to watch someone treat another person like that. ... Instant dump."


    22. "This guy I went out with once was really insistent about wanting to meet my family, especially my dad. I texted him later and told him I wasn't interested in another date, and he went from telling me that 'deciding I wasn't interested was not my decision to make," to saying that 'it wasn't even a date in the first place.' Like, wtf! Thankfully, I did end up meeting my now husband in an attempt to be avoid another interaction with that guy, so it all worked out in the end."


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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.