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    "Wordle 219" Broke Me A Bit — Here's 19 Hilarious Tweets About The Game To Get You Through Today

    I've been broken by little yellow and black squares... never green.

    Wordle is an online game that has taken the world by storm — if by chance you haven't played it yet, I implore you to think of all the 5-letter words you know and get cracking!

    So, if you've also been personally victimized by "Wordle 219" then here are some funny tweets to relate to while we're all enduring this literature class chaos!

    Also: no word spoilers here, just tears!


    when wordle gives five greys after your first guess:

    Twitter: @alex_abads


    Wordle is great because it satisfies Twitter people's urge to post "I took AP English" every single day.

    Twitter: @jp_mcdade


    i thought wordle was meant to be a real word?!

    Twitter: @itsmatthooper


    I’m five guesses in and I think it’s really sad that wordle has a bug where it’s not a real word and nobody can solve it today

    Twitter: @JustinMcElroy


    Anyone else have a wordle crisis today? 😂😂😂 Got it on the final guess 😥

    Twitter: @mrdanwalker


    When you see everyone else got today’s wordle in three tries and it took you all six

    Twitter: @GoldenKnights


    Me after solving the Wordle puzzle before the last guess

    Twitter: @OfficeMemes_


    Me after the first four tries of today’s Wordle

    Twitter: @jadande


    Duolingo watching me do the wordle every day

    Twitter: @LLcoolscharf


    Twitter: @patsatweetin


    a lot of y'all on this wordle shit like u don't have 25k words due in 12 hours

    Twitter: @saygoodnightcam


    So… we all start Wordle with “adieu” right?

    Twitter: @RalfLittle


    It is the year of our Lord 1647 and the land is blighted by strange auguries. A crow did fly backwards over Great Yarmouth, a huntsman's dogs did turn and recite the mass, and the Wordle word did contain no vowels.

    Twitter: @MisterABK


    Wordle is basically like Facebook. People only post when they’re winning in life. Nobody posts their L’s.

    Twitter: @TheRealHoarse


    Twitter: @sanitarypanels


    Twitter: @PunLovinLad


    saddened to confirm rumours that i did not know wordle had a share feature and i was typing those boxes out myself

    Twitter: @minceworld


    Reporting anyone who got Wordle 219 in less than 4 to ASADA

    Twitter: @camtyeson


    People posting about wordle annoyed me so much that I looked it up and started playing wordle Masterful marketing ngl

    Twitter: @ErikaHarlacher

    Have you been playing Wordle? Let us know your scores in the comments!