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From The '20s To The '20s — Let's Decide Which Decade Is The Overall Fashion Favourite

I currently own three pairs of bell-bottom jeans so... I think you know which decade is my fave.

Fashion is ever-changing, but that's what makes it interesting! When we look back on decades past, the clothing trends of yesterday are clear to see (and provide inspiration for your next thrift store visit). However, what I want to know is which decade do you think had the best fashion?

So I'm going to give style snapshots of some of the main fashion trends seen since the 1920s, and I want you to vote on whether you love or loathe the style. Sound good?

1. The 1920s — flappers, jazz, and the Little Black Dress.

2. The 1930s — film fashion and zoot suits.

3. The 1940s — Hollywood and the bikini were trending.

4. The 1950s — more than just burgers and milkshakes.

5. The 1960s — yes, it's time for the Beatles... And the mini-skirt.

6. The 1970s — Long hair, no cares, flowers in the air.

7. The 1980s — leggings as pants? Let's dance!

8. The 1990s — for how much longer will only '90s kids remember?

9. The Early 2000s — a decade currently being rebooted.

10. The 2010s — a moment of silence to remember Tumblr...

11. Lastly, the 2020s — it's still going on, but we've had a good bit of trends already.

Okay, the time has come! Which decade had the best fashion overall?

Let us know which decades you loved and hated the most for fashion in the comments below!

All images from Getty unless otherwise stated.