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    Just 7 Fun Facts About The Pandemic Road Trip Comedy "Stop And Go"

    Anybody up for a road trip this time next year?

    If you've been craving a good laugh and something to relate to in these weird and frustrating times — look no further!

    two women staring in confusion

    The film is full of wild and funny moments that perfectly bring humor to the all-too-real chaos we've all faced this last year and a half.

    So ahead of its release on Oct. 1, we spoke with Mallory and Whitney about the process of making a movie together. Here are the seven things you need to know before watching the comedy of the season:

    1. Filmmakers Mallory Everton and Whitney Call, who co-wrote and play sisters in Stop and Go, are life-long besties IRL.

    The two sisters laughing while sitting on the ground next to a car

    2. Stop and Go is not the first time these comedians have created something awesome together.

    3. The film was created out of a need to just make something in the midst of the pandemic.

    One of the sisters sticking her head out of a car window and screaming

    4. The entire movie was filmed in two weeks...and that's seriously impressive.

    5. The duo faced some imposter syndrome during production.

    6. There's some pretty cool scenery in this movie.

    The sisters standing by a parked car near red rock mountains

    I mean, look at this shot:

    The sisters dancing in the middle of the desert next to a car

    7. And finally, Mallory and Whitney want you to just have a good time watching their film.

    two women laying on the ground to the left socially distanced from other women laying on the ground to the right

    Stop and Go comes out on Oct. 1 in theaters and on demand. You can pre-order it here.