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    These Tweets About The Fashion In "Euphoria" Will Have You Laughing Whilst Shopping For A New Look

    "When you want to wear flats but remember you go to Euphoria High."

    The outfits featured in Euphoria are an absolute work of art! They might not be the most suitable for teenagers but hey, I had an emo phase in school, and it ~definitely~ wasn't as chic as the costume design in this show.

    Naturally, Twitter has been buzzing with hot takes — including the "If this was in Euphoria Highschool" trend. Here are some of the funniest tweets talking about the eccentric outfit choices on the hit show...


    students at euphoria high school going to algebra 1

    Twitter: @2ndgrader


    when you’re about to go to school then remember that you go to the euphoria high school

    Twitter: @ferusciante


    @mcnetaki These outfits are exactly why there is a trend on tik tok about the correct attire when you attend Euphoria High. No bookbags, in heels and a full face 😂

    Twitter: @DifficultDy


    I can never fully place the setting of Euphoria. At first I thought it was suburbia but its kinda hood, then sometimes it gives Middle America but the drugs & fashion are too good. The best I can come up with is art school or purgatory.

    Twitter: @TwittaHoney


    so happy euphoria's costume designer doesnt care that she's dressing the characters in expensive high fashion. sell me the fantasy!

    Twitter: @fabbgrat


    watching euphoria. if u had worn any of those outfits at my high school an administrator named rebecca would take you out behind the building and shoot you in the head

    Twitter: @OneFeIISwoop


    the dance teacher at euphoria high

    Twitter: @jinahphrodite


    the math teacher at euphoria high school going shopping for school supplies

    Twitter: @fkanico


    The choir teacher at euphoria high

    Twitter: @heyjaeee


    Imagine being a custodian at Euphoria high school. Just sweeping up glitter, pistols, and Meth

    Twitter: @BigTucsonDad


    Me being asked to substitute teach art class at euphoria high

    Twitter: @britishvisiting


    finally started euphoria season 2 and after seeing all the tiktoks about euphoria high school outfits you can’t tell me he wouldn’t be the principal

    Twitter: @rileighsmirl


    the euphoria kids at their high school reunion

    Twitter: @GoldenObsession

    What do you think of the fashion on Euphoria? Let us know in the comments below!