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    "If Diet Coke Has One Fan It's Me", And 18 Other Hilarious Tweets About The Internet's Diet Coke Dependency

    Don't you dare bring Coke Zero into this — it's different!

    The internet is alive with the sound of cracking open a can of Diet Coke! Without any real explanation as to why, the zero-calorie soft drink community has decided to go hard for its fave on Twitter this week, much to the confusion of nonbelievers.

    what the fuck is in diet coke that’s making y’all feel like that??? soul bonded to the drink??

    Twitter: @sarahlugor

    It's possible that the whirlwind of Diet Coke supporters may have emerged after a surprising controversy started by this chef's daily routine:

    day in the life of a private chef in the hamptons

    Twitter: @LRNROSE

    Whatever the reason for the influx of support for Coke's less sweet sister, the jokes are hilarious! So whether you're a Diet Coke stan or not, here are 19 tweets to help you get into this weird yet brilliant online happening:


    diet coke is slay juice that allows you to keep sliving

    Twitter: @tohneigh


    im a fountain of diet coke in the shape of a girl

    Twitter: @sourhoestarter


    I know the world still feels like it's coming apart, but there's something soothing and old school nostalgic that a fight about Diet Coke is trending today on Twitter. I miss online nonsense.

    Twitter: @bryanbehar


    No offense but the thought of A Diet Coke is the only thing keeping me from pitching myself into the ocean

    Twitter: @eggshellfriend


    I used to drink tons of Diet Coke but it’s been one month since I’ve had a drop. I want to share some of the changes I’ve observed in myself over that time: - My health is unchanged - I’m less happy - My one source of joy is gone Thanks for encouraging me on this journey!

    Twitter: @danielcrosby


    Me waiting for my turn to order a Diet Coke from the flight attendant

    Twitter: @clintoris


    @sarahlugor If diet coke has a million fans I am one of them. If diet coke has ten fans I am one of them. If diet coke has only one fan, it is me. If diet coke has no fans, that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against diet coke, I am against the world

    Twitter: @awalkingshaw1


    If you ask every woman over the age of 100 what their secret to living a long life is, they indubitably say Diet Coke and being single. This is just a fact.

    Twitter: @heydudemeg


    Me stalking every move of my Instacart shopper to make sure they bought the Diet Coke

    Twitter: @HowWillTodayGo


    No bond is stronger than a white woman and her Diet Coke

    Twitter: @__lifeasniya


    When someone asks me if I want anything from the store, I always say “the will to live”. By that I always mean a Diet Coke

    Twitter: @DietCoke_Esq


    Truly the rudest people on here are the ones who tell you Diet Coke is bad for you when you tweet about liking it. Go to hell, you fucking hall monitors.

    Twitter: @DesiJed


    My Diet Coke and Coke Zero problem AKA me self medicating my ADHD.

    Twitter: @LaurenWalshArt


    @DominicABiondi @danielcrosby Coke Zero is way too sweet. Diet Coke is a perfect beautiful little gem of fizzy splashy delicious wonder.

    Twitter: @clhoffmann


    my friend: someone on tiktok said you can make a healthy diet coke by mixing balsamic vinegar with seltzer you should try it me: ew no me 10 minutes later:

    Twitter: @enerianna


    @Tryn2BKind @NahImNotDecent As someone once told me as they were pulling a Diet Coke from a vending machine, "I like my caffeine cold."

    Twitter: @southernhavok


    Saw Diet Coke trending and went into a panic thinking someone was going to tell me I needed to boycott them.

    Twitter: @ItsJustMe122


    Diet coke > coffee as an early morning beverage. It's cold, crisp...delicious.

    Twitter: @DavidAdt1


    Diet Coke: Making people feel better about ordering two Big Macs and a large fry since 1982.

    Twitter: @RCdeWinter

    What are your strong fizzy-drink opinions? Let us know in the comments!