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What Dating Culture Shocks Have You Encountered Abroad?

"I was not prepared for how much PDA went on there."

Travelling to another country is always a fun and rewarding time — and finding love, no matter how brief, on your travels can be even more fun!

But culture shocks are bound to happen when you spend time away from home, ~especially~ when you're experiencing a completely different dating culture from your own. So I want to know — what dating culture shocks have you encountered abroad?

Have you ever dated in a country where it's not normal to split the bill?

Or maybe you've travelled to a land where PDA is way more abundant than you were ready for?

Did you visit a place where defining the relationship wasn't common?

Or perhaps, it was expected that your lover abroad was ready to settle down after one date?

Whatever it was about dating abroad that gave you culture shock, we want to know! Tell us about your relationship culture shocks in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!