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    The Early 2000s Were An Era For Online Games And I Miss It: Here's 17 You Might've Forgotten

    If you remember half of these things I will be seriously impressed.

    Late 90s and 2000s kids know that we were brought up to be total tech wizards. The internet was our new gadget and there were a bunch of toys hooking us up to the internet. We were finding our fun digitally ‚ÄĒ and I am still 1000% here for it!

    So with the sound of dial-up internet still ringing in my ears, and the memory of flash games in my heart, here are 17 online based toys and games you need to reminisce about immediately.

    1. Toontown Online

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    Who didn't love getting to be their very own Disney cartoon animal and fighting against annoyingly oppressive corporate robots? The non-conformist in all of our creative little hearts was thriving when this game was active, and I miss it everyday. 

    Bonus points to you if you had the physical CD copy of the game that came with a poster and everything ‚ÄĒ you're sitting on gold!

    2. Miuchiz

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    These handheld Tamagotchi-esque games were so fun! The coolest part about them was that they could connect to your computer and bring you to a multiplayer virtual world to play in as your character. 

    This was an extremely short-lived franchise, but a great memory nonetheless. Shoutout to anyone who ever visited Planet Mion, seriously, I don't think it's that many people. 

    3. Diva Starz Dolls

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    Before Bratz¬†dolls, these were the big-headed fashion dolls to own. They were super cool because they could talk to each other and about whatever outfit you put on them ‚ÄĒ I still have no idea how, maybe just fashion god magic.

    If you had any of these dolls, you probably were also no stranger to their online games and cartoon series that could be found on the Diva Starz website. Gosh, what a time!

    4. Millsberry Online

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    This 2D point-and-click virtual world game was an elaborate way to market cereal to children, yes, but it had character customization, house decorating, quests, games, and a random alien character that took over the site once. Not to mention, that this game was completely free.

    The site was up for 6 fun years, and I hope that whoever remembers this game still has their Millsberry graduation yearbook!

    5. FusionFall

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    I seriously cannot gush over this game enough! You were fighting against alien shapeshifting monsters (naturally) alongside a bunch of the most iconic past and present Cartoon Network characters. From Samurai Jack and Ed, Edd, and Eddy to the Codename: Kids Next Door kids and eventually Finn from Adventure Time ‚ÄĒ it was SO fun.

    I played this game from the beta to the bittersweet end, and if you did too I'd love to know which current Cartoon Network character you think would've been a cool addition to the game.

    6. Pixel Chix

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    Owning this was one of my greatest joys as a child but also probably the root of my anxiety. The pixelated characters inside these doll houses were honestly kind of mean, especially if you forgot to feed them (but I guess who doesn't get hangry every now and then).

    The best part about these toys was that you could buy multiple and connect them together to see the characters hang out ‚ÄĒ or find your characters on their website to continue the fun when your pixel pal decided they needed their "beauty rest".

    7. AdventureQuest

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    Unlike other games on this list, thankfully this one is still up and active ‚ÄĒ but nothing can beat how great it was when I was growing up! Like a lot of other RPG style games the main point of this one was to fight monsters, level up, and try and collect as many tokens as you could from fighting so you didn't have to ask your parents to spend real money for you.

    If you were playing this back in the day, we should start a D&D campaign right now! I'm not kidding.

    8. Build-A-Bearville

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    Imagine a time where you could go to Build-A-Bear Workshop IRL, make your most perfect teddy bear bestie, then go online and play in a game where your exact teddy bear is alive and ready to adventure with you.

    I'm not ashamed to say that I played on this for maybe a little longer than I should've, but it was my comfort website ‚ÄĒ and I still love my Build-A-Bear! When the site finally shut down, was anybody else just turning 18 that year and it felt maybe a little too¬†symbolic of growing up? No? Just me?

    9. BarbieGirls

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    A Barbie MP3 player was already a cool idea at the time, but a Barbie MP3 player that doubled as a doll and gave you access to a virtual world game? It was the height of luxury for 10 year old me! Not only did you get to live as a Barbie doll in the world, but she could also be your friend. 

    The site was a lot of fun during its 4 year run, because let's face it, Barbie is always gonna be cool. If anyone still has that MP3 player, I would love to know if it still works!

    10. Stardoll

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    This was a browser game where you could dive head-first into the fashion world and learn all about expressing yourself through fashion and interior design. The site truly had it all ‚ÄĒ from collabs with real world high fashion brands to forums where you could make a few internet friends or read user-submitted stories (kinda like Wattpad, but we won't talk about that site here).

    I'm not gonna lie, I visit this site about twice a year to see how my character is doing. She's still super fashionable, in case you were worried.

    11. Webkinz

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    These were the cutest little rag-doll plushies around! Each plush came with its own code that would get you a virtual version of your pet, which you could take care of, dress up, and play as in mini-games on the website. Sometimes they'd even catch colds.

    I remember how big of a deal it was to collect these pets, it was an intense competition offline. Online, however, it was a super tranquil low-stakes version of Neopets that only brings back good memories.

    12. Be-Bratz

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    Similarly to Barbie, the Bratz came out with their own line of dolls that gave exclusive access to a cool site where you could live out your dreams as a member of the Bratz stylish group. You could change your characters outfits, talk to other players in the game, and design a cool apartment for yourself. Although the game had a short run, it was fun while it was around!

    I lost the USB necklace that came with the Be-Bratz doll that gave you access to the game, but it's fine because it wasn't the cutest necklace to wear.

    13. Lego Universe

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    The idea of being your own little Lego figure was already a super cool idea, but then add in traveling to different Lego worlds and fighting against monster minions trying to take your imagination ‚ÄĒ and you have exactly why this game was so cool! This experience deserved so much more than the 2 year run it had, but oh well.

    In my humblest of opinions, if you were able to play this game while it was around or remember it all ‚ÄĒ you're part of an elite group and should be proud.

    14. Bella Sara

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    This was an artistically incredible series of trading cards where prominent figures in Greek and Roman mythology were painted as horses. The trading cards had codes on the back of them that you could put into the Bella Sara website to then have a virtual version of that horse that you could take care of.

    I know this one sounds like its on the intersection of horse girls and Percy Jackson book fans, and that may be true, but it's a GOOD intersection of those two worlds. I seriously respect anyone that played this and still has their cards, because I wish I kept mine. 

    15. Planet Hot Wheels

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    This game had a super duper short run ‚ÄĒ but it was a lot of fun for the time it was around. The entire game was all about racing against other drivers and collecting the in-game currency to get different cars and car parts. There were also IRL¬†Hot Wheels¬†you could buy that came with a code so you could have that car's virtual counterpart in the game!¬†

    Although very short-lived, I blame this game and Hot Wheels in general for my guilty pleasure of being a try-hard in any Forza game ever made! If you remember this website, I hope you can agree.

    16. Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom

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    This game was both a great and weird experience. If you were like me and never got to experience Disney World as a child but really wanted to, then this game was your answer! The entire virtual world game was an endless trip to Disney World (magic included) where you could spend your time watching your avatar ride versions of the real-life park attractions or you could make your own. There were also a bunch of mini-games and fun items to try and collect.

    Does anyone remember how hard it was to actually do stuff in that game without paying real world money? If only we could've just bought tickets to the real Disney World.

    17. Runescape

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    This fantasy online game was an amazingly fun time of endless magical quests, fighting monsters, and getting absolutely scammed by players that were just smarter than you. I never financially recovered from all the in-game gold pieces I lost by being too trusting.

     If you were playing this as a kid, you were definitely set up to have RPGs hold a permanent place in your heart. I bet good money you also loved World of Warcraft or maybe played the even more obscure MMORPG, Wizards 101. 

    Tell me, are you excited about the Runescape renaissance that's been happening online this year?

    What were some of your favorite games and toys as a kid that time forgot? Let us know in the comments down below!