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If You've Ever Gone From Adoring A TV Character To Disliking Them, Let Us Know About It

It sucks when you have to let go of your "emotional support fave character".

There's a fine line between love and hate. I'm sure we've all watched a show where we couldn't stand a character at first but later grew to love and understand them. But what about the opposite? What about characters you thought you'd never stop loving?

We want to know about the characters you totally loved at first, but then — for whatever reason — disdain, contempt, and hate entered the chat and just wouldn't leave.

Did you love Zoey in Black-ish, but found yourself totally exhausted by her in Grown-ish?

Did you find Joey in Friends completely loveable at first, but later found yourself being annoyed by everything he said?

Perhaps Daenerys Targaryen was your ultimate fave, and then a switch just flipped for you...

Or did you find Tom in Parks and Recreation endearing in the beginning, before deciding that he may be the secret villain of the series?

Whomever it is, we want to know the TV show character that made you go from love to hate. PLUS what they did to make that switch happen! Leave your comment below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.