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11 Canadian TV Shows From My Childhood That Feel Like They Weren't Real But Definitely Were

Okay, but seriously why was Life With Derek like that?

1. Mantracker

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Streaming on: Prime Video and YouTube

This one definitely feels like a show my brain made up in a nightmare one night — but it's not. Can you imagine just running around nature without any ~nature experience~ trying to outwit a master outdoorsman and also survive? Well, you don't have to, you can just watch this wacky show. 

2. The Zack Files

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Streaming on: YouTube

Just a wholesome show about a kid in junior high...that keeps facing weird paranormal chaos. No, but does anyone remember the episode where he literally loses his voice?? Like his voice is just running around town on its own — nightmare fuel for kid me!

Not to mention that Michael Seater was in this...because OF COURSE he was in a weird show.

3. ReBoot

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Streaming on: Tubi and Hoopla

Yesss, defend the internet! But noooo, keep that CGI far far FAR awaaayyy from me. The animation of this was definitely something for it's time...but I just can't look back on it fondly.

4. Life With Derek

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Family Channel

Streaming on: AppleTV+ and Tubi

I'm sure we all know why this show was weird. I'm not gonna say it...because IYKYK about this late-night show. Strange though, local questionable cutie, Michael Seater, is in a show that's just off, again. Coincidence? 

5. Train 48

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Global Television Network

Streaming on: Prime Video

This improv-y pseudo soap opera is so wild to me, but it's SUCH a creative idea. It's camp. Absolutely camp.

6. Naturally, Sadie

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The Family Channel

Streaming on: Pluto TV

This show is pretty low on the weirdness but there was something so uncomfortable for me when she compared human behavior to insect behavior. Big fan of Charlotte Arnold teaching me something — just not with bugs, please.

Also, this show just kind of radiated horse girl energy... I will not elaborate.

7. Canada's Worst Driver

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Streaming on: CTV and AppleTV+

I'm not even a great driver, but OH BOY! That's all I've got to say.

8. The Latest Buzz

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The Family Channel

Streaming on: Prime Video

Beyond the fact that I love that Munro, Justin, and Demetrius went on to star in Degrassi, and that Vanessa went on to star in Riverdale, which is ~like~ Degrassi — this show was so cutely weird. 

Can you imagine any publication getting rid of all of their staff to hire children?? They were 14 years old and had successful careers writing for a magazine... Meanwhile, I'm 24 and just starting my career in writing. Jeez, what a late bloomer I am.

9. Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

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Discover Family

Streaming on: Prime Video

Oh did you think I was done with the Michael Seater Weird Cinematic Universe? I'll never be done with it!

Seriously though, I did love this show as ~strange~ as it was (the janitor really creeped me out, I'm sorry). However, if you're dating a scientist like I am, maybe don't show them this series — because they will point out scientific inaccuracies throughout the episodes and you will question if you even learned anything from this show at all. 

10. Grossology

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Discover Family

Streaming on: Prime Video and AppleTV+

I don't care how educational this show was — it really was just nasty sometimes. Nope, nope, nope. Watch at your own risk, but not after (or during) eating.

11. Ed, Edd n' Eddy

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Cartoon Network

Streaming on: AppleTV+, GooglePlay, and HBO Max

This cartoon was equal parts comedic gold and just WTF. Remember the outlandish size of the jawbreaker sweets? Remember when Ed was grounded so his parents put him in the basement and TOOK AWAY THE STAIRS? Seriously, Plank was the most normal character...because he was a piece of wood.

What's a strange show that felt totally unreal to you? Let us know in the comments!