I Thought Dating In Canada Would Be Similar To The US But Here Are 15 Ways It's Apparently Different

    "Basically dating in Canada is all great until our igloo melts..."

    A while ago, Reddit user u/AsidePuzzleheaded335 posed the question, "What's dating like in Canada? Is it the same as the US?" And while some of the answers gave me a good laugh, others were actually interesting. So let's get into it:

    1. "I think dating in Canada is probably more expensive than in The States, like everything else."

    — u/moruga1

    2. "Based on the numbers, the marriage rate is lower in Canada then the US."

    — u/ve2dmn

    3. "Dating is seasonal in Canada. Cuffing season is a short period in fall when you find your winter partner whom you stay with until the snow clears and you can look for someone better."

    — u/Ok_Mycologist_5569

    4. "Canadians get married later than Americans, which could tie into the lower divorce rate here."

    — u/bolonomadic

    5. "My [now] in-laws preferred me to call them by their first names when my husband and I were dating, but now they've explicitly told me to call them 'Mum and Dad'."

    — u/-maru

    6. "Dating in Quebec is much different as the women are known to make the first moves on a guy they are interested in."

    — u/Onitsuka_Viper

    7. "I'm an American dating a Canadian, and we take turns paying the whole bill when we go out. Or, if we're bar hopping, for example, I'll get the bill for one and she'll get the bill for the next, and so on."

    — u/gummibearhawk

    8. "A lot of my friends actually complain sometimes that 'men are too shy to attempt anything flirty' here — it would be appreciated."

    — u/PhysicalAdagio8743

    9. "In Canada, there's absolutely no kissing, we just hock loogies into each other's mouth."

    — u/d6u4

    10. "Interracial relationships might be more common in Canada. At least in Calgary, you certainly wouldn't look twice at an interracial relationship but it can seem quite common for people to marry within their own race."

    — Reddit User

    11. "As a whole, same-sex relationships aren’t a big deal in Canada. We were one of the first countries to acknowledge it. However, behind closed doors, it can be a different story."

    — u/IBSurviver

    12. "Genuine sense of humour, some kind of original joke, or wit will go a long way on dating profiles here."

    — Reddit User

    13. "There's nothing quite like that 'springtime mania' where you are flooded with the confidence to leave your cuffing season partner and run to the nearest patio the second the sun touches your skin on a slightly above 10°C day."

    — u/HammerheadMorty

    14. "I think it's typical to assume that the man will pay for dinner still in Canada."

    — Reddit User

    15. "Basically dating in Canada is all great until our igloo melts and we have to go out and find new partners for the next winter!"

    — u/NetITGeeks

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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