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    Just 17 Facts About Famous Animal Actors That Surprised That Heck Out Of Me

    "He got the job and he was just terrible on set."

    There's never a dull moment on set if there's a professional pet around! From luxurious accommodation to a ~surprising~ amount of stand-ins, these facts about notable animal actors are a real hoot... or howl... or meow?

    1. The Dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians were actually a family of over 200.

    2. Marcel, the Monkey from Friends, was actually not a boy.

    3. Salem from Sabrina The Teenage Witch wasn't always an animatronic... sometimes he was even stuffed!

    4. Bruiser from Legally Blonde has been played by the same dog in each film.

    5. Hedwig from The Wizarding World was seven owls in one.

    6. Fat Louie from The Princess Diaries literally belonged to Anne Hathaway.

    7. Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas didn't actually have cute floppy ears.

    8. The squirrels from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were all real.

    9. Fang from Harry Potter was a loveable re-trained rescue.

    10. Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers has one of the most creative names ever!

    11. Brego and Hasufel from The Lord of the Rings got the happiest of endings with Viggo Mortensen.

    12. Lassie the dog from Lassie (the show) was never played by a female pup.

    13. The horses in Downton Abbey the movie are actually pretty regal.

    #SpoilerAlert The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery @KingsTroopRHA are playing a part in the new @DowntonAbbey movie. In the film ride through Lacock in Wiltshire. The horses and troops towed their field guns through the streets. The movie at the cinema now. #DowntonAbbey

    British Army / Via Twitter: @britisharmy

    So these horses may not be trained acting horses, but they do have another form of training. The horses of the aristocracy seen in the 2019 film version of Downton Abbey feature The King's Troop, AKA Buckingham Palace's ~actual~ ceremonial horse team. Their scenes also feature 68 soldiers and 86 horses. What a royal surprise!

    14. Lady the Direwolf in Game of Thrones was a bit of a nightmare on set.

    15. Another doggie that wouldn't listen is Newton from the second season of Bridgerton.

    16. The tiger in The Hangover was real.

    17. Lastly, Crystal the monkey is rich absurdly rich AF.

    What's an animal actor fact you find interesting? Let us know in the comments!