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    Can You Sneak Out Of Your Parents' House Without Getting Caught?

    Make a break for it and avoid getting grounded in this interactive game!

    It’s way past curfew, but you’re missing your chance to meet your crush at a party! Do you have what it takes to bust out of your parents’ house undetected?

    This interactive game above will ask you to risk absolutely everything (getting grounded for a month) for the sweet taste of freedom.

    To open this game in a new window, click here.

    Or keep reading to learn more about how to play!

    Plan your escape wisely! Who knows when your parents might come knocking. Tap to move between rooms, interact with objects, and pick up items—just be sure not to alert your parents!


    You have to be smart if you're going to make a clean getaway!

    Will you defy death by making an escape from the second story?


    You may end up grounded in more than one way.

    Will the family dog prove to be man’s best friend, or your worst enemy?


    This dog’s bark totally bites.

    Your crush awaits! All you have to do is not get caught…


    It may be trickier than you think!

    So did you make it out, or did you get grounded for life? Let us know in the comments below! Still need to play? Click here to open the game in a new window.

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