The Glorious Future Gravestone Of Chicago’s "Cat Man"

For much of his life, Dan “The Cat Man” Chaplick has surrounded himself with cats. In death, he plans to do the same.

Dan “The Cat Man” Chaplick standing with the gravestone. Howard A. Ludwig / Via

A Chicago man plans to one day be buried with the remains of his beloved cats — and will mark the site with a massive gravestone and bench adorned with carvings of the cats and their names, DNAinfo Chicago reports.

Dan “The Cat Man” Chaplick, 67, of the Mount Greenwood neighborhood on Chicago’s far South Side, purchased the ornate cross 10 years ago and has since added commemorative carvings of 29 cats that have died over the years.

The gravestone also features a portrait of Chaplick and the names of his deceased pets, like Peanut, Scruffy, Dustmite and Winkie, to name a few.

Chaplick and his cats — which have been cremated — will be buried at the site.

“This way I can go out the way I want to,” Chaplick told DNAinfo. “I don’t have to be a burden. Plus it was fun to think it up.”

The cross stands atop a hill at Mount Greenwood Cemetery.

A list of deceased pets carved into Chaplick’s headstone. Howard A. Ludwig / Via

Chaplick operates a licensed foster home for cats at his two-story house just blocks away from the cemetery and currently cares for 17 cats — although he’s had as many as 35 felines living there.

Chaplick wears a cat pendant and ring and his custom license plate reads “CAT MAN.” His body is covered in scratches from cat claws and cat portrait tattoos, according to the report.

“There’s no limit on the number of cats in the city of Chicago,” said the retired Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation worker. “Plus, my cats are treated better than most people treat their kids.”

More story and photos at DNAinfo.

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