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Gunmen Open Fire Outside Moscow's Most Popular Gay Club

No injuries were reported following the attack at Central Station — the latest of many anti-LGBT "provocations," the club owners told Russia's Lifenews.

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Nobody was harmed in anti-LGBT attack outside Moscow's most popular gay club Nov. 16, when attackers opened fire on club security, reports Russia's Lifenews.

Anti-LGBT intruders attempted to attack patrons at Central Station around 5 a.m. Saturday morning, but the club's security prevented the offenders from entering — that's when they opened fire. Two rounds damaged the club's front door, according to the report.

Surveillance camera footage outside the club at the time of the incident, obtained by Lifenews, has been submitted to aid an investigation by police.

The shooting is the latest attack on the popular gay club, which has seen a number of incidents in recent months. Central Station owners have appealed to police for additional protection to prevent further attacks.

Last month, a sign was placed in front of the club reading, "GAY CLUB ENTRANCE."

The club's owners told Lifenews they suspect the real estate development company that owns the building where the club is located may be involved in the attack. The owners had earlier complained that the company was trying to break their lease and boot them from the building.