Graphic Video Shows Brutal Attack In Atlanta

WARNING: Graphic language and disturbing imagery.

A series of videos were posted on Vine Tuesday showing a violent altercation outside a skateboard shop in Atlanta, which ends in a brutal scene when a man throws another person to the ground and stomps on their head.


The posts were widely circulated on Twitter Wednesday night and Thursday morning, with many saying the victim of the attack was a transgender woman.

There is a vine of a man curb stomping a trans woman with thousands of likes. I just heard about it. Holy shit, humanity.

— K.T. Haché (@papierhache)

The Georgia Voice, an LGBT publication in the city, reported the victim is transgender, but noted they do not know who the victim is or how they identify.

Police told the paper they have no record of the attack, saying it must not have been reported. Atlanta Police did not immediately return BuzzFeed’s message seeking additional comment.

Update: Multiple people have called the Atlanta police about the trans woman whose attack was posted on Vine. They refuse to help.

— Vivian (@VanguardVivian)

The videos — five in total — were posted by Vine user TriAngle SquarE and show a heated argument between the victim and a group of men outside the store, identified as Stratosphere Skateboards in the Little Five Points neighborhood.

When contacted Thursday morning, an employee named Peter McBride answered the phone at Stratosphere Skateboards, but would say little about the incident, explaining, “I wasn’t even at work that day.”

And despite that, McBride told BuzzFeed, “The Vines look more deceiving than what really happened.”

When asked if another employee who witnessed the incident could comment, he ended the call.

All of the Vine posts appeared to have been removed late Thursday morning. The Georgia Voice compiled the clips in a single video posted to YouTube. WARNING: The video is graphic.

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