CBS Says It Didn't Avoid Kiss Shots During Grammys

    Quick cutaways of the on-air wedding during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' performance of "Same Love" left some wondering if CBS intentionally avoided showing the couples — some of whom were same-sex couples — kissing.

    During the spectacular performance of the hit song "Same Love" that included Madonna, Queen Latifa, and the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis duo, dozens of couples were married at the 56th annual Grammy Awards Sunday night.

    But with quick cuts back to performers, the broadcast didn't show any of the couples — some of whom were same-sex couples — kissing, leaving some to wonder why.

    Great performance by @macklemore! Touching ceremony by @IAMQUEENLATIFAH. But, no shots of the couples kissing? #Grammys #CBS #interesting

    Don't get me wrong, the whole gay marriage things on the Grammys was great and all, but no kissing?

    Seriously 33 couples got married during the Grammys and no one was shown kissing. C'mon

    CBS reacted defensively to the suggestion, and said that there had not been a decision to avoid showing same-sex kisses or any others.

    "It was a groundbreaking and inclusive moment on television and for all who were in the room last night. It's hard to believe that this is BuzzFeed's takeaway from this event," said Phil Gonzales, senior vice president of communications.

    When asked separately if a decision was made in the control room at the show to not include the kisses — or if any such decision was made — Gonzales simply said, "No there wasn't."

    Watch the whole clip here: