Billie Jean King Tells Colbert She's Not Afraid To Keep It Real At Sochi

"If the media asks me a question, I’m going to answer it."

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Out gay tennis great Billie Jean King appeared on the The Colbert Report Tuesday night to talk about her inclusion in the U.S. Presidential Delegation to the Sochi Winter Olympics next month.

And in the face of his warning, she simply said, "We better have pretty good security then."

"Well, I probably won't protest, but if the media asks me a question, I'm going to answer it," she said. "Absolutely. Yeah, why not?"

"Well, I'll take that chance, I guess," she said.

"But you have such twinkling brown eyes," she said at the idea of Colbert fairing as a gay man -- turning the table on him again, like a boss.

Watch the whole interview:

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