What's to tell. If you know me then you know me. If you don't know me I surely can't describe myself to you because I would be doing you and me a disservice. I simply cannot describe myself.
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    • tonyh4

      I unfortunately could not afford to live in the dorms at school so I found a room for rent on Craigslist. The room I found was in a house with what I thought was a sweet older woman who loved just three blocks from the school. It was perfect because it was so close, the rent was affordable on a work-study budget, and I could help out this older lady who also happened to be slightly handicapped. Unfortunately the room wasn’t available for the first three weeks of the school year due to another tenant that was renting it, a really nice international student from Spain. So in the meantime I found another man willing to rent me a room for the three weeks until my room became available. I hadn’t met the man or seen the room beforehand. When I arrived I discover that this guy had four huge Dobermans, which is cool, I like dogs, but one of the dogs didn’t like me. When I went into my room it would sit outside the door and growl. The guy did nothing about this even though I made it obvious that I was extremely uncomfortable. So i ended up moving out after about four hours. The guy refused to give me back the rent I paid him upfront. Luckily the woman whose house I was moving into was understanding and she let me move in early, she would sleep on the sofa and I would take her room. I paid her two months rent upfront. The first few weeks were fine, other than the fact that I discovered that this woman started everyday with a glass of pure vodka with half a lemon in it, but I don’t judge. Eventually the international student moved out and I got my room. At this time the woman was starting to grow increasingly hostile everyday so I started leaving everyday early in the morning and not coming back until late at night. When I wasn’t in class or working I just stayed in the library studying. One Sunday I decided to sleep in because the library didn’t open until 11am and I was tired. The woman busts in my room and says “I want you outta here black boy, you’re a drug dealer and I do t want you living with me anymore.” I was pissed and I screamed at her until she left my room. She called the police on me. The police came and I explained everything that happened I was so upset that I was in tears before I finished. They told me that she had actually done this before with another guy that lived with her previously. They also explained that she couldn’t kick me out because I had paid rent and she would need a court order in order to get me evicted. Before they left they apologized for not being able to help me more because unfortunately it wasn’t “illegal to be drunk all the time.”
      When they were gone she just went batshit crazy on me. Screaming and falling down on the ground. She threw a peach pie at my door. I was afraid to leave because there was no way for me to lock my bedroom door. She eventually got herself so worked up and she walked outside, picked up a brick and threw it through my bedroom window. So I called the cops back and she was arrested for domestic violence. They told me that she couldn’t come back as long as I lived there. I stayed there another two weeks eating her food and trashing her house (no permanent damage though). She was living in the park at this time I was told. I moved out, but didn’t tell her I left. I wonder how long she lived at the park until she figured out that I had moved.

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