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"YOU'RE FIRED!!!" FAX from Back To The Future Part II And III

On October 21, Ito T. Fujitsu sent Marty McFly a fax stating "YOU'RE FIRED!!!", which appeared in fax machines across his house in Hilldale. Jennifer Parker, who was hiding in the closet, took one of the faxes, before running into her older self at the front door. When she came to on her front porch in 1985, she still had the fax, and pulled it out as Marty drove her past Hilldale. As Marty refused to race Needles and they watched as the truck nearly collided with the Rolls-Royce, the words disappeared from the page in front of Jennifer's eyes – causing her to exclaim "It erased!", much to Marty's puzzlement. Jennifer later asked Emmett Brown about the erased fax, to which he replied that their future hadn't been written yet.

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