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    • tonyc27

      Drones are flying… Children are dying… People are crying… but how are you?
      The so-called “Terrorists” are rebelling against the same thing that has us all enslaved. But they can’t win by using any violence; not against this war machine. They are rebelling against being taxed for being born, and they are rebelling against having to work for all their lives (fora”BOSS”) (like in the US, they preach at us and say we are “Free”?!?!?!!!!) and they are rebelling against all this deception that causes us to believe they are the terrorists… when it is us who are supporting the true terrorists and do not know it; the deceiving head of our snake, as we are the body that has no clue what the head is up to, but the head needs us to do it’s dirty work. The “Illuminati” agency is not even the head, but they think they are, and they do not think they are slaves too, because they are all deceived and well paid too, but they are all slaves. The Freemasons and Zionist Jews are “Trustee” slaves, and are simply breeding grounds for the Illuminati. If you can prove you can keep secrets for 30 years, then you can be in the Illuminati… or be born in. The Masons and Zionists do not know who their leaders are either; only those close to the top of this “Babylon” worldwide money pyramid that is in control of all our minds through mainstream broadcasting… know who they are, but by then it is far too late. Money and those in control of the value of it is the true secret government of the world. The Illuminati are making the innocent Masons and Jews look bad, and they are certainly making the United States look very bad to the rest of the world, and have been foralong time; like they made the British look bad. They turned the British into evil people; like they have been doing to US by influence through the violent and selfish entertainment we all watch. There are ways to get out of it, but the fastest way would be to convince the Illuminati to change their minds by realizing that all their children are affected negatively by now, and with all this modern technology we can createaworld that isa”Disneyland” for all; where everyone is with all, and feel completely undivided and all the way home to all, and we can control our own population and not get too spoiled. All the Illuminati has to do is reveal all truths; like the fact that they created the Catholic church to enslave people and get people to over-breed to createahuge military. The entire world needs to end this 7000 year old game of monopoly; stop, regroup, clean-up and start new; all financially equal, and we can do it now; always could… anytime now. The first step is forgiving each other for we knew not how divided we all were; they turned us all into individual “Selves,” independent from each other. We shall all turn back into “WEs” cooperating as one with each other and with earth to give each other our basic human need and only have to volunteer about2hoursamonth for half our lives; instead of work 160 hoursamonth for all our lives; starting at age 5. WE are calling all humans “Home” to each other now. Welcome Home!

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