19 Reasons “Danny Phantom” Was One Of The Best Nickelodeon Cartoons Ever

I’m goin’ ghost!

1. The theme song was so darn catchy.

Nickelodeon / Via youtube.com

2. Danny’s transformation scenes were awesome.

Nickelodeon / Via gifboom.com

3. Danny showed that you can be awkward and still be somebody.

Nickelodeon / Via veronikash.blog.cz

4. Danny always knew the right thing to say.


5. The villians were diverse, ranging from super awesome to super weird.

Nickelodeon / Via ladugard.tumblr.com

Fun Fact: Ember was the only villain on the show to have a full theme song. Listen to it here.

6. Evil Future Dan showed that the greatest enemy you can face is yourself.

Nickelodeon / Via fyeahangst.tumblr.com

7. Sam was one of the most amusing, sarcastic goths in animation.

8. Sam also had a fun side that was cool to watch.

Nickelodeon / Via tampire.tumblr.com

9. Tucker Foley was the voice for techno-geeks and meat-lovers alike.

Nickelodeon / Via johny-world.weebly.com

10. Yet, Tucker would also have made a great solo super villain.

Nickelodeon / Via uwaaaah.tumblr.com
Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

11. Valerie Gray was an awesome female ghost hunter with an awesome outfit upgrade.

Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

12. Danny’s mom Maddie was beautiful and bad ass.

Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

Maddie to her husband Jack: “Who’s the better shot?”
Jack: “You are.”
Maddie : “Who’s better with the weaponry?”
Jack: “You are.”
Maddie: “Who’s a 9th degree blackbelt?”
Jack: “You are… you are?!” *hands over weapons*

13. Danny’s dad Jack had his cool moments too.

Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

Vlad:“It’s not possible! You’re an idiot, an idiot!”
Jack: “Maybe so, but I’m the idiot who beat you!”

14. Jazz was the meddling, overprotective sister you wanted.

Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

15. Vlad was the obsessive, cunning evil Uncle you didn’t want.

Nickelodeon / Via fyeahvladmasters.tumblr.com

16. Dani Phantom was the cute, fun younger cousin you wish you had.

Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

17. A few episodes did a great job of defying gender norms.

Nickelodeon / Via echoghost1.tumblr.com
Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com
Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com
Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

18. Two episodes provided this lesson: “When in doubt, use the fake-out makeout.”

Nickelodeon / Via Tumblr.com

19. “Phantom Planet”, the final episode gave fans so many feels.

Nickelodeon / Via lilmizzkrazie.tumblr.com

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