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    14 Reasons YA Fiction Is One Of The Best Genres Ever

    There's a reason why these books are being made into films.

    1. It has beloved books from the past / Via Wikipedia

    Fun Fact: This was adapted into a film in 2012.

    2. And the present. / Via Wikipedia

    3. Many books have been banned or censored / Via Wikipedia

    According to, this book was the third most banned book in 2012.

    4. But Some Are A Part of Middle School and High School Lit. Classes. / Via Wikipedia

    Fun Fact: Read this in 9th grade and disliked it, but reread it two years ago and loved it.

    5. Some books are poignant works based on true events. / Via Wikipedia

    6. While other books read like they COULD be true events. / Via Wikipedia

    Anyone else think that the characters Liesel and Death felt more real than fictional?

    7. There are many sub-genres to read / Via Tumblr

    8. And books made for almost any type of person. / Via Wordpress

    In this book, the main character Kiara is a Hispanic X-Men geek with Asperger's Syndrome.

    9. Some authors do a great job talking about tough issues / Via U.S. Penguin Group

    Jacqueline Woodson's books feature African American protagonists dealing with things like gender/sexual identity, interracial and same-sex relationships, and tragic loss.

    10. While other authors create awesome fantasy worlds. / Via Wikipedia

    Garth Nix's Old Kingdom Chronicles feature a blend of dark magic and modern technology.

    11. There are powerful books in standard paragraph form / Via Wikipedia

    12. And powerful books in verse form. / Via Wikipedia

    Fun Fact: There is a companion novel to this book called Perfect.

    13. Some books are entertaining / Via Blogspot

    Fun Fact: This book features really geeky fictional stories from a variety of young adult authors.

    14. But some books can also change lives. / Via Wikipedia

    Fun Fact: This book inspired me to be a writer ten years ago.

    Stay gold, YA fiction. / Via Tumblr
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