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12 Things Fan Fiction Lovers Will Understand

Unleash your imagination and fandom love.

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1. Discovering fan fiction for the first time. / Via Tumblr

So... many... fictional... worlds....

2. Happily browsing a fan fiction site for hours, even when you're tired. / Via Tumblr

3. Making sure your fan fic author profile fit you as a writer and a person. / Via Tumblr

4. How it feels to complete/publish your first fan fic. / Via Tumblr

5. Dealing with flamers and trolls who comment on your profile or story. / Via Tumblr

6. Realizing that your fan fic has over a hundred reviews. / Via Tumblr

7. Reading the perfect fandom crossover fan fic. / Via Tumblr

8. Waiting for the author to update the fan fic. / Via Tumblr

9. Having a character who died in a fandom brought back to life. / Via Tumblr

10. Reading about fandom couples that aren't canon.

Borra (Bolin and Korra) forever. / Via Tumblr

Borra (Bolin and Korra) forever.

11. Reading fan fiction until the next book, season, video game, etc. / Via Tumblr

12. This quote from Rainbow Rowell's novel FanGirl.

Thank you for understanding, Ms. Rowell. / Via Tumblr

Thank you for understanding, Ms. Rowell.

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