13 Life-Changing Moments YouTubers Have Shared Online

Too much? Or not enough?

1. Experiencing a Breakup

Meghan, also known as Strawburry17, is a popular YouTuber who was also a contestant on The Amazing Race. She filmed herself just after breaking up with her boyfriend Jimmy. Watch as this fun vlog takes a 180 in the wrong direction

2. Being Diagnosed with Cancer

YouTube power couple, Charles and Alli of CTFXC (Internet Killed Television) are currently the World Record holders for most consistant daily vlogs. Charles, a bassist for the band We The Kings, was diagnosed with brain cancer after filming his own tumor removal

3. Losing a loved one

Bring out the tissues for this one (seriously). Connie, a young mom of two and a collaborator on the mom channel What’s Up Moms, passed away late last year after complications of childbirth. RIP Connie

4. Missing a loved one

Louise, of Sprinkle of Glitter (and Sprinkle of Chatter) filmed this video after she visited her mother’s grave.

5. Getting into a Car Accident

Colleen Ballinger (PsychoSoprano, also famously known as Miranda Sings) vlogged after her sister was in a scary car accident (she turned out fine).

6. Finding out their baby’s gender

Elle, also from What’s Up Moms, found out the Gender of her baby. Prepare for cuteness.

7. Having a baby

Shay Carl and his wife Katilette (From Shaytards), another family of daily vloggers, are now are proud parents of 5 children. Here’s the birth of their 4th child, now known lovingly as Rocktard

8. Previously experiencing a miscarriage

Missy and Bryan Lanning (from DailyBumps), who recently gave birth to their first son Ollie, have had a lot of trouble with miscarriages and a stillborn before they finally had their first child

9. Getting Married

Beauty Blogger Fleur De Force recently wed her fiance Mike. Here’s a magical video of their special day

10. Going on Vacation

Elle Fowler, one the Fowler beauty guru sisters, went on vacation with her family on a cruise.

11. Getting a new pet

Kalel and Anthony (best known from Smosh) adopted a tiny kitten named Pip on their channel WatchUsLiveAndStuff

12. Getting engaged

Phil De Franco, also known as sxephil, proposed to his longtime girlfriend Lindsey onstage.

13. Having an adventure

Louis Cole, known as FunforLouis and FoodforLouis, known for his dreadlocks and transient lifestyle gives a recap of his 2013. Much props.

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