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    • tonic11

      Sorry, but no. You are factually wrong. The mere presence of transgender children does not violate the privacy of cisgender children, and anti-discrimination legislation does not legalize harassment or rape. This is why LA Unified, SF Unified and Houston Unified have had similar policies in place for YEARS without issue. They’re not little boys. Like it or not, they are legally, medically Female and can be considered for a young women’s sports scholarship. A male does not get a diagnosis, ride the emotional and hormonal roller coaster of HRT, and have doctors sign affidavits for filing change of sex at the DMV, Department of State, SSA, and Department of Vital Statistics… merely to gdt a fair shot (see effects of HRT) at a scholarship. You should be booted for ignorance. Then think of a dozen more “reasons,” because I’m pretty sure they’ll all be invalid. You’ll either be ignorant of reality (in which similar policies have been in place causing no harm) or ignorant of science (in which you are arguing from inaccurate heuristics).

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