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    The 8 Ways One Tree Hill Referenced Dawson's Creek

    These were two of the most popular teenage shows to ever grace our television screens. But it turns out they shared more than just the same set space. When you realize just how many references One Tree Hill actually made to the show that paved the way for them, it may blow your mind!

    1. OTH used many well known DC locations

    OTH / Via

    Ok, so it isn't easy when you film 2 shows in Wilmington, North Carolina. But some locations were VERY well known in DC and easily picked by fans of both shows. Who knew that Rachel Gatina moved into Chris Wolfe's house? And the 'ruins' from DC would end up being Andy's backyard. Almost a decade later...sounds legit.

    2. Haley mentions DC in the first 2 episodes


    Mentioning DC in this case was deliberate. But kinda cute in referencing the show that came before them, right from the very beginning.


    "Actually I found it! Sorry, not that I was looking for something specifically which implies some hideous sort of Joey-loves-Dawson scenario and completely creep me out, but, you know, we saw it and. . . Well, give him the book."


    "Dawson's Freaks, starring Rocket Roe and Bunny Beaugard."

    3. When Lucas and Brooke use fake IDs with DC character names


    So, back in the good ole DC days there were 2 characters that played minor but memorable roles, Gretchen, Pacey's older sister who was Dawson's crush long before Joey Potter ever mattered; and Henry, the boy in love with our girl Jen. So much so that he paid $500 just to kiss her!

    In OTH, is it a coincidence that the fake ID's Brooke and Lucas use on their first date are none other than Gretchen and Henry??? C'mon! How many Gretchen's do you know? Exactly!

    4. The same baby name and age gap


    So, in DC, baby Lily is born into the Leery's when Dawson is in his final year of high school. She is named after Joey's mother. There is a 17 year age gap between only son Dawson and the new baby.

    In OTH, baby Lily is born to Karen who has a dream about Keith, her baby and lillies. There is a 17 year age gap between her only son Lucas and the new baby.

    Both babies have the same name, and are born into similar families. This one is just too weird!

    5. James Van Der Beek was in them both


    Ok, so this was completely deliberate. First James plays Dawson Leery in DC and then comes back to town as Reese Dixon in OTH, the director who was definitely no Dawson! What an awesome move that was! Hilarious!

    On a side note also, Lee Norris (Mouth McFadden), Colin Fickes (Jimmy Edwards), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) were also in both shows. Lee was in 1 episode as a theater student 'louder and angrier' anyone? Colin was the nerd Kenny in DC, who was forced to work with Abby Morgan on a project; but became loner Jimmy in OTH who would play a pivotal role in the storyline of the show. While Chad played the love interest for Joey during College as Charlie Todd. On the spring break episode, Joey introduces him to Hilarie (as her VJ self) for all of 10 seconds and well the rest is on-screen couple history.

    6. Both had a time jump


    So, in the final episode of DC we jumped ahead a couple of years. It made for a very interesting finale and gave a lot of closure to fans.

    OTH decided to do the same, however they jumped past the college years between season 4 and 5...probably learning from DC's mistake of taking their story there and losing the show. The loss of 3-4 years gave OTH a new edge and had fans on the edge of their seats. What a brilliant decision! (They also did another jump between season 8 and 9 too)...But DC did it first.

    7. Jailbird dad's


    Joey's dad, Mike Potter was in prison for drug dealing.

    Nathan and Lucas's dad, Dan Scott, ends up in jail for murder.

    Same jail. Same disappointment. Same story.

    8. After everything we go through on the show...let's make a movie about it


    Ok, so technically Lucas writes a book about Tree Hill...but it eventually gets turned into a film that is never made with Reese at the helm.

    Dawson Leery had the same idea years before when he made a replica version of every Joey/Dawson moment for his film about their lost love- and eventually a hit show called 'The Creek' about it all.

    Seems like we should all be making movies about our lives then...

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