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    Posted on Aug 1, 2013

    15 Of The Best Places To Be Naked

    It's great to be naked, but where are the best places to enjoy your nudity?

    1. A Car Park

    Clearly, hanging out naked in a car park is going to be big this year.

    We'll meet you there, Ryan.

    2. A Posh Country Manor

    Don't forget your tools.

    3. The Beach

    As long as you're a huge sand sculpture...

    4. A Chinese Bike Ride

    Anything for charity...

    5. On The Golf Course

    Watch out for the rough...

    6. At The Latest Trendy Sushi Restaurant

    Careful with those chopsticks...

    7. Just Casually Hanging Out Covered In Paint

    Let's hope it doesn't rain.

    Paint seems like the best alternative...

    8. In A Field, With One Pervy Passer-By

    9. Somewhere Nice And Warm

    Just imagine the frostbite...

    10. In The Privacy Of A Huge Park

    Remember to pack your suncream.

    11. In A Manga Cartoon

    Although it might be difficult to get yourself made into a cartoon character.

    12. On A Huge Billboard

    Right next to the Tesco where your mum does her weekly shop.

    This is some next level work.

    14. On Stage With A Horse

    (But only if you're The Boy Who Lived).

    14. In Bed With Anne Hathaway

    15. In Your Own Tropical Paradise


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