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    I Just Really Can't Deal With The Fact That These 17 Random Celebs Produced These Famous TV Shows And Movies

    Always wondered why The Princess Diaries slaps so severely.

    So after recently finding out that DRAKE is the executive producer of Top Boy (yeah, who knew?!), I started to wonder which other TV shows and movies celebs were secretly running behind the scenes.

    It turns out that there are some ~wild~ names out there producing stuff on the down-low. Here are some examples that I'm sure will have you screaming...

    1. Drake (again) β€” Euphoria

    2. Danny DeVito β€” Pulp Fiction

    3. Selena Gomez β€” 13 Reasons Why

    4. Will Ferrell β€” Succession

    5. Whitney Houston β€” The Princess Diaries

    6. Brad Pitt β€”The Departed

    7. Denzel Washington β€” Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    8. Jennifer Lopez β€” The Fosters

    9. Robert De Niro β€” Rent

    10. Steve Mnuchin β€” The LEGO Ninjago Movie

    11. 50 Cent β€” Power

    12. Tom Hanks β€” Mamma Mia

    13. Dwayne Johnson β€” Shazam!

    14. Slash β€” Nothing Left to Fear

    15. Leonardo DiCaprio β€” Orphan

    16. Margot Robbie β€” Promising Young Woman

    17. P Diddy β€” Two Distant Strangers

    Are there any celebs you can think of that we missed? Tell us in the comments below!