Here's Why Kindness Matters, According To Science

    For starters, kindness lengthens your lifespan.

    We all know that kindness makes the world a happier place, blah blah blah (JK, that's super important, please be nice to me), but did you know that being kind also makes you a much healthier person?

    Study after study shows that acts of kindness have a substantial impact on both your physical and mental health. So, if you needed even more reason to spread kindness during a time when we could all definitely use a bit more of it (I mean, have you been on Twitter lately?), get ready to feel inspired by science.

    Here are a few things the research on kindness tells us:

    1. It lengthens your lifespan.

    2. It improves heart health.

    3. It eases anxiety and depression.

    4. It decreases pain.

    5. It increases happiness.

    6. It gives you energy.

    7. And it's contagious.

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