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    This Is Where Babies Sleep In Six Countries Around The World

    BRB, swapping my bed for a hammock.

    1. In Germany, babies sleep in a "beistellbett," which is a crib with only three sides that attaches to the mother's side of the bed.

    2. In the Philippines, babies gently sway in a woven cradle, or "duyan," until they drift off.

    3. In Finland, which has one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates, babies sleep in cardboard boxes.

    4. In India, babies drift off in a hammock made from their mother’s saree.

    5. In Japan, parents sleep next to their baby on bamboo or straw mats, or futons.

    6. Many British newborns are tucked into a Moses basket next to the mother's side of the bed.

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