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What Should They Actually Teach You About Money In School?

Learning how to pay for college might've been a good idea.

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I've been out of high school for nine years now and I can still tell you that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but I don't even know if I'm managing my credit card properly.


And the nucleus is the control center! But I digress.

That's a problem! We don't learn nearly enough financial skills while we're in school, leaving us to flounder in our 20s. Home ec? Is that even a class anymore?


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For starters, everybody should at least learn how to balance a checkbook.


I know, I know, who needs to deal with β€” what is it called again? Oh, paper. But you shouldn't simply rely on an ATM to tell you your balance. Learning how to use a checkbook is a crucial skill that'll help you manage your money in the long run.

And learning about all of your options to pay for college should be mandatory!


High school seniors should know everything about scholarships, financial aid, and work options before they saddle themselves with crippling debt.

Finding out how to build credit so you can actually get approved for an apartment would be cool too.

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And how to manage the rent and utilities of that apartment with roommates.

Even something as simple as how to be a smart shopper would be helpful, so you don't blow all your savings on stuff you don't need.



What other financial skills and lessons do you think you should've learned in school?


Be specific, please!

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