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    11 Ways To Make Your Home Look Bright, Even If It's An Actual Dungeon

    No sunlight? No problem.

    1. Hang mirrors strategically so you you can reflect light in all the right places.

    2. Mount shelves perpendicular to a wall that has a window.

    3. Clean your windows and lampshades.

    4. Use floor lamps aimed at the ceiling.

    5. Decorate with light-toned, hairpin-leg furniture.

    6. Or, decorate with acrylic furniture.

    7. Opt for open-shelving instead of cabinets.

    8. And opt for matte finishes instead of glossy.

    9. Use Venetian blinds.

    10. Avoid hanging lots of prints on the wall.

    11. And, while white is the usual choice, consider painting your room a more saturated color, like gold.

    Now, let there be light!