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    7 Things That'll Make Your Life A Little Easier In August

    Get your month together.

    1. Double your closet space with can tabs.

    Turn your La Croix addiction into a storage hack: Use the tabs from all those cans to create double-hangers. Hook the tab onto a hanger, and use the tab's second opening to hook another hanger onto it. Simple as that! (S/O to everyone going back to college AKA Small Closet University).

    2. Use washi tape to label all those cords in your power strip.

    "This is definitely the one." —You, unplugging your entire entertainment system instead of a lamp. Not anymore! Stick some cute washi tape on each cord and label them with permanent marker so you never mix them up again.

    3. Become the ultimate Plant Mom and create a schedule of care for your houseplants.

    It can be tough to remember when each of your houseplants needs to be watered, fertilized, rotated, etc. Rather than kick yourself for killing yet another plant, make a bullet journal spread that'll help you keep track of when each one is due for some TLC. You'll all thrive together!

    4. Worried you won't remember your new class schedule? Set it as your lock screen.

    Somehow a new school year is right around the corner, and remembering a totally different schedule can be daunting. Setting a screenshot of your schedule as your phone's lock screen will allow you to glance down at it if you ever blank on where you're going next, saving you stress and keeping you punctual.

    5. Make a simple backseat tablet holder for road trips or rides to school and practice.

    Greg Perez / BuzzFeed

    Slide your tablet into a sheet protector, clip it on both sides with clothespins, and feed a shoelace through the holes on top. Then, all you have to do is tie it to one of the front seats so your backseat passengers can watch. (Yep, the touchscreen still works through the plastic.)

    6. Moving into a new dorm? Apartment? House? Color-code your boxes to save yourself a headache (or five).

    @abowlfulloflemons / Via

    In the midst of the chaos that is moving, you shouldn't have to scramble to find where you packed certain items, or try to locate the box you wrote "knick-knacks" on (and, like, which knick-knacks are they??). Adding some color coordination with markers or tape will make unpacking waaaay easier. Blue could indicate bedroom, green could mean kitchen, red could mean living room, and so on.

    7. Hang your umbrella on your door handle if you know that rain is in the forecast.

    Emily Shwake / BuzzFeed

    In lots of regions, August = storms. So! When you check the weather while planning your outfit for the day and see that it's going to rain, hang your umbrella up immediately on your front door handle so that when it's time to leave, you can't miss it. Stay dry out there!

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