33 Tiny Things That Make People Happy, Even On The Worst Days

    Some lil' moments to remember when things seem bleak. H/T Reddit.

    A recent Reddit thread asked users, "What's a tiny thing that makes you happy?" Here are some of their best submissions that'll make you feel warm and fuzzy:

    1. Putting on warm, dry clothes after coming in from a cold, wet day.

    "I've purposely gone out in the rain just so I could come back in and get changed. It just whispers Peace into my mind." —Korturas

    2. That semi-sleepy state where every time you change positions in bed it feels better than the last.


    3. Waking up on a Sunday with nothing to do.

    "Getting up slowly, hopping in my car still in my PJs, listening to an audiobook or some music, driving to my favourite cafe, getting a breakfast wrap and a coffee, driving home, and enjoying them while watching something silly on YouTube." —Kamalau

    4. When someone uses your actual name in conversation.


    5. The moon.

    "Whenever I look up at the moon, I always get happy looking at its phase, admiring how pretty it is, etc. I wonder if I’ll ever get tired staring at the moon — I hope not!" —Andromeda321

    6. The feeling after a long-needed shower.


    7. Listening to people talk about things they are passionate about and watching their faces light up as they speak.


    8. Scratching the part of your ankle that's been wrapped by the sock's elastic all day.


    9. The smell after rain.


    10. Pulling on a pair of really comfy yoga pants after taking off your work clothes.


    11. When a friend remembers something specific about you, like your favorite candy or actor.

    "It's like, damn, this person really just cares about me." —a_trane13

    12. Being the first person to stick a knife in the fresh jar of peanut butter.


    13. Cooking a meal for people and seeing that they're really enjoying it.


    14. Clean linens on your bed.

    "Especially if I've changed it in the morning, forgotten all about it and only remember when I get into bed." —Frecklesunlight

    15. Having a dog to pet at a party where you don't know anyone.


    16. Rain tapping on your window at night.

    "I know I'm in for the most relaxing sleep ever." —lilpeaches_

    17. The elevator arriving the second you push the button.


    18. The first grass cutting of the summer.

    "For me, one of the most satisfying feelings is getting rid of that untamed, winter mess and returning your garden to a pleasant state." —Kolo_ToureHH

    19. Finding money in your pocket.


    20. Getting a package in the mail after weeks of waiting.

    "The joy of opening it makes the wait worth it." —PM_ME_YOUR_ODYSSEY

    21. When you hear your phone ding and you look down to see you've gotten a message from a certain someone.


    22. When you see something really silly and look around and make eye contact with someone else who saw it.


    23. Tacos.

    "Never met a single sad person with a taco." —Lost_in_costco

    24. Really smooth downhill slopes during a bike ride.


    25. That feeling when Google autofills an entire form of information, saving you five minutes of mindless manual filling.


    26. Socks.

    "All colours of them. Some of mine are warm and fuzzy. One is about kale. I wear Christmas socks all year. It makes me happy to take my boots off and see my socks." —thinking-b4-do

    27. Extra fries in the bottom of your takeout bag.


    28. Getting home from a long day at work and being greeted by your dog.

    "Mine has hardcore wigglebutt yet tries so hard to sit patiently." —badgers154

    29. Going barefoot on grass.

    "When playing a sport with friends or just throwing a frisbee or something, it's a really freeing feeling to just kick my shoes and socks off and run around barefoot." —CmanWilly

    30. When you're leaving somewhere and someone says, "Text me when you get home safe."


    31. Kitten paws.

    "Whenever I am sad, my boyfriend sends me photos of paws. It always makes me smile. Extra bonus points if I can see the pads on the bottom." —Graceful20

    32. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands.


    33. Having a good pen.

    "It makes so many random tasks throughout the day more satisfying." —Glory2Hypnotoad

    What tiny thing makes you happy? Share it in the comments!