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This Memory-Foam Pillow Is Heaven For Your Neck And Your Wallet

Hello, cloud nine.

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If you can relate, then boy do I have a treat for you: this memory-foam pillow from I ❀️ My Pillow (cute, right?), which actually makes makes me feel like I am, in fact, MORE in bed.

As it turns out, you can sleep on ~cloud nine~ for a mere $59.99, which is the cheaper-than-Tempur-Pedic price tag on this pillow that's soft AF and supports my head with the grace of a thousand angel wings.

Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

It fits in a traditional sham, but you should know that the cover is made of brushed velour and fleece, AKA IT'S REALLY FREAKIN' COMFY. It's also hypoallergenic and stain-repellent, though I'd still recommend washing it, because hygiene is key, friends. Plus, the cover zippers right off, making washing so easy.


Adding to the magic is the fact that one side of the pillow is flat and the other is contoured. Whichever you prefer, it'll relieve a ton of pressure from your neck and shoulders, gently cradling your noggin' until morning.

Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

Normally, memory-foam pillows can get super warm, but this one actually conforms to my head faster than others I've tried, so it takes in less heat overall β€” and I don't have to flip it to the ~cool side~ constantly.

We're all friends here, so I'm willing to admit that my boyfriend actually bought this pillow, and I became so obsessed with it β€” slowly inching my head onto it every night β€” that we basically share it now.

Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

He's a back-sleeper and I'm a side-sleeper, and it works well for both of us. I should probably just buy myself one for Christmas, but in my defense, it's a very coveted pillow β€” take it from this Amazon user who rated it five stars:

"Had to get one for my son because he kept stealing ours. The only pillows I'll ever buy!" β€”Alysha McCooe