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17 Juicy Summer Flings Our Readers Have Actually Had That'll Make You Blush

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the steamiest summer romance they've ever had. These are some of the best submissions that have us swooning.


1. The summer hire.

"When I was 16, my parents owned a store and they hired a guy from my school as summer help. He was 19 and had just graduated, and everyone was obsessed with him. One day his car broke down and he lived near me, so I drove him home. He flirted with me the whole way, but I was thinking, 'No way, I'm making this up.' But when we got to his house, he asked if I wanted to pull the car off into the woods. We did, and kissed. I was so excited that I called my best friend and she screamed. It was like being with a celebrity — everyone wanted him. We hooked up all summer, but he left for the military in the fall."


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2. The church camp.

"I used to belong to a youth group, and one year the church organized a huge summer camp where all these other youth groups around the US attended as well. I started becoming really good friends with this one guy, and we began to go out into the woods and make out there, which led to more. Basically, two gay guys hooked up during a church summer camp."


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3. The European elevator.

"I was on a student trip to Europe, and we were leaving the next day around 2 a.m. for the airport. My group decided to pull an all-nighter, but boys and girls weren't allowed in the same room (gay people don't exist, right?), so we hung out in the lobby. One of the guys had to go up early, and I decided to go with him. The whole trip I had been pressing all the buttons on the elevators because it pissed him off, and as I started to do it this time, he grabbed me around the waist and held me like that as I struggled to press more buttons. We realized the position we were in, and he kissed me."



4. The dive-bar hunk.

"I had started working at a local dive bar, and one night I took over a table of guys who were pretty drunk and flirty. One of them was tall, blue-eyed, and blond, and the energy between us was electric. When he asked me to grab a drink with him after my shift, I immediately said yes. Fast forward a few drinks and we snuck into his work down the road, and had the most mind-blowing night in his manager's office. We continued throughout the summer, sneaking into places to fool around. SURPRISE: We made it official as the summer ended and, five years later, we're still happily together."



5. The club promoter.

"I was 18 and got an internship in New York City for the summer. This was my first time living on my own, so I was hella excited. I ended up meeting a club promoter within the first week, and for the next two months he brought me to all the best clubs and parties, and we had amazing sex and drugs. We had an incredible time despite the 10-year age difference."



6. The moonlight swim.

"The summer I was 16, my girlfriend and I broke up. My family and I then spent the 4th of July weekend at our lake house. I met a really rad guy who sailed and ran just like I did, and we became fast friends. We met at the boat dock one night and he kissed me. We stripped down and swam to the floating dock in the middle of the night and fooled around. The rest of the week was awesome. Six summers later, we've lost contact, but he helped me realize I was bi."



7. The best she ever had.

"I spent a summer teaching English in South Korea. I fell hard for one of the full-time staff members: a tall, dark, and handsome man from Norway. We lived in dorms and there was no privacy, so I lied to my roommates and said I was coaching volleyball while I went to his apartment. He is the best man I've ever been in bed with. Six years later, I still think about him when I'm in bed with others. I don't think anyone could ever come close to him."


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8. The almost-threesome.

"I met her through a mutual friend who was hooking up with her at the time. He had grand plans for a threesome with us. What he didn't know is that she and I started talking on our own and decided to hang out as friends. Things quickly changed and we got closer. She was bi and my first girl. We had a crazy summer of going to clubs and hooking up in the heat of the moment — to the point that one club actually asked us to leave for being too risqué."



9. The mountaintop make-out.

"I was working at a summer camp, and I walked straight up to this super-tall and gorgeous man and asked if he was old enough to buy booze, because I wasn't and needed a drink, and he said yes. A couple of nights later, we hiked up a mountain and drank. We played the question game and I made it sexual pretty quickly. He asked, 'How long until I can kiss you?' and I said, 'If you kiss me, I'll kiss you back.' We had a hot makeout sesh. We hung out every night after that, and... wait for it... have been married over five years now and have two kids!!!"



10. The surveillance room.

"This guy and I worked together in this small retail store. We were usually the ones to open up the store early in the morning. It was a pretty slow day and we were always bored out of our minds during weekday openings. What started off as a kiss later moved into our boss's surveillance room, where we hoped the owners didn't see us via the surveillance camera app."


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11. The rocks at the window.

"When I was 16, I spent a summer volunteering in my native country, Kenya, when I met this British volunteer and we started flirting. When it was well past midnight, I heard tapping at my window, and there he was literally throwing rocks at my window like in a bad movie. He told me to meet him by the pool. We talked and looked at the stars. He kissed me and, I don't know how, but we started to make out in the water. And for the rest of the weekend, we would sneak off and hook up anywhere no one could find us."



12. The secret affair.

"I had a pretty intense four-week affair with a girl I worked with, Anna, while her girlfriend was overseas. We spent basically every day and night together before we would head into work. We snuck into the chillers and store rooms for make-out sessions. We drank every night with our friends, but left the bar separately and spent all night drinking, talking, and having sex. No one at work found out — only our best friends knew. Things ended the night before her girlfriend arrived."


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13. The Cancun crush.

"I went to Cancun for spring break with a bunch of college friends. Our first night, I met this really nice guy and we struck up a conversation that lasted way past when everyone went to bed. He was on a 10-country backpacking trip by himself, so he went everywhere with us. I ended up moving into his private room on the third day and didn't leave until the day we had to fly home. He friended me on Facebook and we kept in contact for a while, until I found out he was dating someone and planning on marrying her."



14. The ruthless romance.

"It was my first job the summer after my first year of college. I started hitting it off with a cute guy, and the next thing you know I'm staying over at his place a few nights a week. I told my parents that I was at my best friend's house. I found out that he was about 10 years older than me, but did that stop me? Absolutely not! Well, until he started becoming an ass and ignoring me at work. So, I got him fired. Whoops."



15. The drawing class.

"I was living with my boyfriend at the time, and it wasn't going well. I took a summer drawing class at the community college, and during the semester, I met this guy named Gilbert. It was like love at first sight. We immediately became inseparable, but I was moving in a month. After class, neither of us had anywhere to go, so we rented a hotel room. The long distance didn't last. If I had stayed there, I'm sure it would have developed into an even spicier relationship."



16. The beach trip.

"I was working at a local store and we got a new employee. We were attracted to each other and it turned into a romance quickly. He only lived up the street from me, so we would sneak out to this secluded park, have sex, and sometimes sleep under the stars. One night, we drove to a beach at 2 a.m. and swam for a little bit, then danced around the beach listening to our favorite bands and playing with sparklers. He told me he loved me. It was the best night of my life at that point. But we were both going to college in the fall and decided it was only a summer relationship."


17. The summer nights. 😉

"The summer before my senior year of high school, I met a girl who was crazy for me. She swam by me, got a cramp, and nearly drowned. Luckily, I managed to save her life. We took things slow at first, you know, went bowling, things like that. Then one day we started making out under the dock, which eventually led to her getting pretty friendly in the sand. All summer, every night. Of course, it had to come to an end, but I told her that we'd still be friends. Sometimes I wonder what she's doing now."


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Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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