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    21 "Playlist For My Crush" Tweets That'll Make You Snort-Laugh

    "i FEAR. Emotional Intimacy"

    Earlier this month, 19-year-old Brigham Young student Kirsten Titus broke up with her boyfriend in a ~creative~ way — with this epic Spotify playlist that literally spelled out her feelings:

    His response?

    Flash forward about a week — to when a young woman named Hannah Woodley pulled a similar (but more positive) move, dedicating a super-cute playlist to her crush.

    Anywho, now "playlist for my crush" has turned into a giant meme, naturally.

    1. Like this invite to Disney World.

    2. And this, uh, forward proposal.

    3. This love letter to Netflix.

    4. This gorgeous plea.

    5. Observe the attention to detail in this Evanescence-inspired playlist.

    6. This playlist would make Gordon Ramsay proud.

    7. There's also this wake-up call for Jeremy.

    8. And this clear message for Ally.

    9. And this ode to Jeffrey.

    10. You knew this one was coming.

    11. Some are unbelievably romantic.

    12. Others really speak the truth.

    13. The honesty is refreshing.

    14. The vulnerability is palpable.

    15. They're just truly, truly poetic.

    16. See what I mean?

    17. How could your crush turn you down after this?

    18. Or this???

    19. You'll want to steal this killer pickup line.

    20. SURPRISE: "Bee Movie" makes an appearance.

    21. And last, but in no way least, there is this playlist to end all playlists.