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Rompers For Dudes Are Here And TBH I Don't Hate Them

"Just me, in a RompHim, with a fidget spinner, and a grande Unicorn Latte. That's what I want the world to remember about 2017."

Ah, summer. A season of beach days, poolside hangs, and potentially fatal sunburn.

Oh, and because 2017 is wild: MAN ROMPERS.

That's right, y'all — the RompHim is crashing into summer 2017 like the Kool-Aid guy, but with more sexy man thigh.

Just in case you stress-fainted after reading that name, here it is again: RompHim.

The line of rompers was launched on Kickstarter by ACED Design, and — despite its truly awful name — exceeded its $10,000 goal on the first day.

So make fun of it all you want, but clearly, men have been waiting for this.

Don't understand the success? Just look how much fun these bros are having!

Playing pool! Standing in front of a parrot mural! Basking in their hyper-masculinity!

Look at them!!!

OK, here's The Thing: Those fratty "just chillin' at Coachella" photos make me want to set myself on fire. But when I think about the convenience of a comfy, tailored one-piece...I also kind of want one??

It even has a zipper fly so you don't have to get fully nude every time you have to pee! And people should be able to rock whatever they want in 2017.

Like, I'd probably wear the blue chambray?


According to the Kickstarter page, the guys behind RompHim (uggghhhhhhh) collaborated with one of Chicago's "top fashion design consultancies" to bring men a piece of clothing that's "stylish and fun without also sacrificing comfort, fit, and versatility."

Instead of creating garment sizes, they have a chart with recommended ranges based on your height, chest size, and the "waist size of your favorite pair of pants."

The ~brompers~ will retail for $119, though early adopters can get them for a little cheaper.

These dudes aren't the first to make a man romper, and the polka-dot one looks suspiciously like this one from Madrid Fashion Week in 2012...

*sips tea*

But they ARE the first to call it a RompHim, so there's that?

Anyhoo, Twitter has lots to say about RompHim, naturally.

  1. So, there you have it. Would you wear a RompHim, or buy one for your boyfriend/friend/fellow frat brother?

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So, there you have it. Would you wear a RompHim, or buy one for your boyfriend/friend/fellow frat brother?
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    Honestly, yes.
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    Helllll to the no. 2017 has gone too damn far.
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    But why did they have to call it RompHim??