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    All I Want For Christmas Is For You To Not Throw Away Your Tree

    Ho ho hold up: Don't trash your real Christmas tree.

    Getting rid of your Christmas tree at the end of the season is sad enough as it is — why make it even worse by sending the tree to landfill where it'll release potent greenhouse gases?

    Instead of tossing your tree in the trash, give it a new life through one of these recycling or composting options:

    1. Put it out for curbside recycling.

    2. Take it to a drop-off recycling center.

    3. Cut the tree to fit loosely in yard waste bags.

    4. See if your community has a tree mulching program.

    5. Make an appointment to have a non-profit in your area pick up the tree.

    6. Bring it to your local composting site, or use it to start your own compost pile.

    7. Prop it up in your garden or backyard to create a bird feeder and sanctuary.

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