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    15 Life-Saving Kitchen Hacks

    Including how to keep your produce fresh for longer!

    1. Place plastic wrap around the stems of bananas to extend their freshness.

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    This restricts their emission of ethylene gas, the hormone that ripens them.

    2. And to keep strawberries fresh longer, soak them in vinegar and water, then drain, rinse, dry, and refrigerate.

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    The vinegar-water solution kills any mold spores on the strawberries. And don't worry — the vinegar doesn't ruin the flavor.

    3. What about lettuce, you ask? Cover a container of it with a paper towel and plastic wrap, then refrigerate.

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    Be sure to replace the paper towel when it starts to dampen, as the key to this trick is ridding the lettuce of unwanted moisture — the enemy of freshness.

    4. You thought I'd skip celery and broccoli?? Wrap 'em in aluminum foil, then refrigerate.

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    Just like with bananas, this hack will help prevent the release of ethylene, which ripens these veggies quickly.

    5. OK, one more for good measure: Cut one inch off the bottom of a bunch of asparagus, place them in a jar with two inches of cool water, cover with a plastic bag, and refrigerate.

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    Keep an eye on the water — if it gets cloudy, swap it out. This should keep these guys fresh for up to a week!

    6. Give your sink a deep clean with three ingredients you probably already own.

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    1 cup baking soda

    1 cup vinegar

    Lemon peels (or another citrus)


    1. Rinse your sink with water.

    2. Sprinkle it with baking soda. Scrub. Rinse.

    3. Fill a small bowl in your sink with vinegar.

    4. Soak several paper towels in the vinegar. Line your sink with them.

    5. Put one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar in the drain. Let it fizz.

    6. Pour hot water down the drain.

    7. Put some citrus peels down the drain. Run the garbage disposal.

    8. Wipe down your sink with the vinegar-soaked paper towels.

    9. Rinse for a sparkly clean sink!

    7. Scrub a greasy pan with eggshells and dish soap.

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    It's a more abrasive way to get all that tough gunk off your cookware.

    8. Make your own cleaning spray with citrus peels, white vinegar, and water.

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    All you need are a handful of citrus peels (go for orange or lemon), one part white vinegar, and one part water. Pour them into a reusable spray bottle and you've got yourself an all-purpose kitchen cleaner.

    9. Brew some lovely tea with apple skins and ginger.

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    Peel an apple and some ginger (feel free to skip the ginger if that's not your thing), place the skins in your infuser, add hot water, and voilà: a cozy tea!

    10. Make a bug repellent out of coffee grounds.

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    Have some leftover coffee grounds? Pour them in a small bowl, let them dry out, place the bowl where those pests usually bother you, and singe some of the grounds with a lighter. The scent will keep 'em at bay.

    11. Repurpose an egg carton as a condiment organizer.

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    When you're all out of eggs, don't throw away that carton. Cut off the bottom half, place it on a shelf in your fridge, and stick condiment bottles upside down into each lil' egg compartment. Sweet, sweet organization.

    12. Use everyday plastic organizers, like file folders, to get your fridge and freezer in order.

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    They're useful for more than just stationery — they can keep all kinds of bottles, boxes, and packets together inside your fridge.

    13. Do the same under your sink or in your cabinets!

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    File folders are perfect for organizing the cleaning supplies under your sink and the kitchen tools inside your cabinets.

    14. Might as well stick one underneath your cabinets, too.

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    Put a few strips of adhesive tape on the side of a file folder and stick it on the underside of your cabinets. It gives you easy access to spices, recipe books, or whatever you'd like to keep handy while you cook.

    15. And store your produce in a couple of file folders to keep everything neat and tidy.

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    Rather than pile all of your produce in a single bowl, separate your fruits and veggies into file folders. It keeps them organized and makes it simple to grab which one you want without having to dig through a giant heap.

    To watch these hacks and more, check out this video. 👍

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