This Twitter Meme About Everything Millennials Are Killing Is Absolute Gold

    "Millennials are killing the time the man is the most important person."

    Everyone knows #millennials are killing everything on Earth, but this Twitter challenge is exposing the murderous generation for even worse crimes.

    If you can't remember what predictive text is, it's this feature on your smart phone:

    People are having a field day with the prompt.

    1. Some results are a little too real, TBH:

    2. I chant this in front of the mirror every morning.

    3. Classic millennials, always procrastinating.

    4. This is unfortunate.

    5. This sounds like an emo lyric I would've put in my AIM profile.

    6. So does this.

    7. DON'T DO IT.

    8. What a sweet son!!

    9. Even predictive text understands gender inequality.

    10. Is this a line from Game of Thrones?

    11. Nice.

    12. True.

    13. Seriously, don't contact me until I'm dead.

    14. Yeah, WTF???

    15. So metal.

    16. Put this on my tombstone.

    17. Stay positive, millennials. Stay positive.