6 Things You Need To Know About Caring For Succulents

    Caring for them doesn't have to succ.

    Hey, y'all! You're probably here because you're the proud owner of a succulent or because you're interested in owning one — either way, welcome!

    Maybe you like succulents because they're beautiful, or because you heard they're "impossible" to kill, or because they, uh, symbolize the plight of your generation.

    Whatever the reason, we're here to help, because while these lil' guys are super resilient, they still need TLC just like any other houseplant.

    There are lots of different succulents in the plant kingdom, so here are some general tips and tricks that'll help just about any of 'em:

    1. When in doubt, go with terra cotta.

    2. Give that soil a little extra help.

    3. A good rule of (green) thumb: water when dry.

    4. And use a watering can, not a spray bottle.

    5. Let your succulent soak up some sun.

    6. Look out for sad succulent symptoms.

    There you have it, plant parents! You and your succulent are now ready to thrive.

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