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    13 Tricks To Fall Asleep Faster That People Actually Swear By

    Catch some Z's with ease.

    Ah, falling asleep. It can be a freakin' nightly chore, am I right?

    Well, fear not! I bring you good tidings of great sleep! Some Redditors, Nifty followers, and I are here to share our favorite tips and tricks that might help you fall asleep a lil' faster.

    Sweet dreams!

    1. Write down a to-do list right before you go to bed.

    2. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing something you're good at in great detail.

    3. Download Shhh... Sleep in Seconds, an app that plays binaural beats, which is basically white noise with a frequency that syncs with your brainwaves to lull you to sleep.

    4. Repeat "blank black" in your mind — seriously, try it!

    5. Keep an essential oil diffuser on your nightstand, filling your room with calming scents.

    6. Stop using electronics a half hour (or more) before bed.

    7. Don't do anything in bed that isn't sleep.

    8. Listen to the Sleep With Me podcast, in which a character named Dearest Scooter tells incomprehensible stories in a monotone voice that'll space you out in no time.

    9. Eat a few pieces of Good Day Chocolate, which give you 1 milligram of melatonin each, plus chamomile to help you get a restful sleep (oh, and they're tasty, too).

    10. Watch some ASMR videos, which, for some people, are so soothing they get tingles down their scalp and spine.

    11. Make some banana peel tea, which is said to be packed with magnesium that helps you relax into a deep sleep.

    12. Take a hot shower or bath (about 90 minutes before bed) with Twilight from Lush, which is made with sleepy oils like lavender and Ylang Ylang.

    13. And try the four-seven-eight method: Inhale for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, then exhale for eight seconds.

    In conclusion...

    Some submissions have been edited lightly for length/clarity.