Here's How People Orgasm Around The World


    Let's get right to the climax of this post, shall we?

    We now know what countries have the best, loudest, and most frequent orgasms in the world, thanks to a new survey from Lelo, a Swedish retailer of ~adult~ toys and accessories.

    1. Norwegians have the most orgasms.

    2. Brazilians are screamers.

    3. Italians, Spaniards, and Chileans come the hardest.

    4. Americans aren't very satisfied in bed.

    5. Canadians barely enjoy their orgasms.

    6. Brits actually get down quite a bit.

    7. Australians are some of the quietest cummers.

    8. And the French aren't all that noisy either.

    The moral of this ~sexy~ story: Don't believe all of the sexual stereotypes you hear.